The Wounded

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My scars are open

It is skin deep

My heart is broken

My heart aches and bleeds severely

My trust is trashed and thrust to the dogs

I wish I had read the signs and listened to the words of others.

All I did wrong was to give you my love

I thought you would be by my side like you promised

But I see now that all you ever said to me were nothing but mere words

It is a pity that I gave my all to you but I am happy that it all turned out this way

Now, I am going to live life like it is the end

Good enough, you taught me how to live without you and your love

I am going to move on like nothing ever happened and go grab love elsewhere

Although it is skin deep, one thing is for sure

It will heal as time goes on.

So I am going to nurse it, stitch it, and cover it. So I can move on.

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