Blood is thicker than water

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Blood is thicker than water is what I heard when I was little but my knowledge back then about it means nothing because I don't even understand what it means.

My mom has a set of twins I am one of them, she lost one of us immediately after she gave birth to us so we are just 3 now instead of 4 Taiwo, Kehinde, Idowu, and Alaba but Kehinde is no more so we are just 3.

The 3 of us are like triplets in everything we do, we eat together go to school together even in the same class even though Taiwo is older than me and my sister but he prefers to be on the same level with us since his brother is not there so he doesn't want to be alone.

But when we started to grow up like around 7 to 10 years we began to separate little by little though we are still in the same house all we do is fight each other and sometimes my mom is always scared to leave the 3 of us alone at home because she thought she might come back and meet our dead body she thought that we must have fight death before she's back which I don't know why it was like that.

One day my mom had no choice but to leave us alone because she needs to go to work she use to be a native nurse back then and we were left all alone along with our last born who use to have convulsions so we started our fight as usual because no one wants to wash the dirty plates unknown to us that our little brother has had the convulsions attack.

So I was angry and I left the room to seat outside only to find my little brother fighting for his life on the ground, I couldn't carry him because he has strength more than I do so I rush back to call my Taiwo and Alaba so that the 3 of us can carry him which we did and we took him to the hospital before we called our mom.

When our mom came the first thing she asked was what are we doing before the boy had an attack? None one of us could answer the question because we knew that day might be our last day on earth so we all lied that we were watching a movie inside and I wanted to toilet that was why I went outside only to find him struggling for his life on the ground.

It was that day I realized the quote"blood is thicker than water" because I couldn't stop myself from crying when I saw my little brother struggling to survive on the ground and I couldn't help myself to protect the rest from getting the worse beaten of their life from mom though we later argue about it when she went to the doctor the 3 of us cried so bitterly that day because we thought the boy had died by the time we got to the hospital.

Later the doctor told us that assuming we spent 1minute before we get to the hospital the boy will give us his life which means he had the attack for a very long time which is unknown to us because we were busy fighting for who will wash plate and clean the house, ever since then we stopped fighting because the scene never fades away from our memories.

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A great lesson for everyone. Me and my siblings used to fight about household chores before as well because some won't help while others have worked so much. That's why our father made a schedule for us to follow and be equal with everyone.

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6 months ago

Good thing you manage to bring your brother to the hospital before it's too late despite your fighting.

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6 months ago

Yes and ever since then we've stopped fighting each other

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6 months ago