Tough life makes Strong Soldiers

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2 years ago

I got two dark brown eyes but I wanted hazelnut just like my mom but more than anything I wanted to understand how could she see love in us when we are full of flaws and short comings.

At the young age I learned to stand right away when I fall, yes I cry but I don't cry while my knees are on the ground, my tears are not from my downfall but to the pain on getting up. See, I have lived my childhood like a statue being carved from an ugly rock. Life was tough. The memories are still vivid as I witnessed our business hitting the bottom and my parents were being swallowed by depression. For a moment I was living like a princess in lonely castle that is full of people, and one day I woke up being awful beggar who couldn't even eat three times a day.

There was no shift, I wasn't ready.But it happens anyway and I can't blame anyone that moment because at the very young age I have understood that no matter how hard we become careful and meticulous there is still a high chance that things will get out of hand. So I cope with it, I made myself stronger. I continue to go to school with an empty stomach and empty pocket. I was able to make money by helping my teacher checking her students test papers. Our family used to have an export business, we used to export fancy jewelries. After the incident, I manage to create designs and sold it to my grade school teachers, then I also sold stickers and other stuffs. The money I gather helped us to survive for few days.

Even in that worst situation I was able to ace my academic performance, yes I learned to focus despite with circumstances. But there was multiple times when I have nothing but a hungry stomach. Being studious helped me out many times, we used to make bet who get the highest score in exams, it was an illegal game in the classroom and the teachers don't know about it. What I did, join the gamble without a centavo in my pocket I only have faith on my knowledge and skills. The funny things was, no one knows I have nothing to bet on, but no one has ever beat on acing exam scores. I also sold answers to my classmates to make money. Good thing I wasn't caught or else I'll end up being expelled. But I have nothing to choose from, I was only ten years old, I have nothing but an empty stomach and I needed to survive.

I have proved myself so many times, but its not always a win-win situation. My mother got a serious illness which made my life upside down. I couldn't do any more tricks to make money that time because I was in my last year in grade school and it was too risky, I may not be able to graduate if I make a single wrong move. So, I let the world to beat me up and all I did was to hold on until the very end. Luckily, my uncle helped us out, he supported my mother's medications and I finished my primary education with flying colors.

As I enter high school, my horizon becomes wider and almost everyone was new to me. People get distracted right way if they were put in a new place, but I see market in there. I started a business, selling chicken chicharon both my classmates and teachers love it. My father got a stable job and my mom helped me cooking the chicharon. Everything was going smooth but not until my brother lost control to his addiction and made a mess in my life. He had lied to multiple people and get there money, and we were the one who cleaned his mess. All the savings we made were gone in snap because of him. I was very mad. I lost my control and focus at those times because things were so hard to bare, my brother becomes worse to worst each day. He could have killed me.

But I rise up and continue living my life even if I know any time he could kill me or anyone in the family. I stayed even though I wanted to run away. I bare in mind that I needed to be someone not like him, I need to stay in focus because if I'll lose this battle I'll end up just like him. For the following school years I manage to sell goods inside the classroom without my parents knowledge, and I gain pretty nice amounts. I was being known in school for that and many teachers praise me for being industrious. I finished my high school being an leadership awardee.

At the last years of senior high school I got my research on about my target school in college and my course. I made myself sure to what I wanted to do with my life and to what career I wanted to pursue. I choose PSYCHOLOGY I have seen people fall and didn't able to get up because no one shown them how to get up, or they never learned, or no one was there, and I find my purpose on that. But college is so expensive, from tuition to expenses. The solution is, SCHOLARSHIP.

Living in a city that has so many youths having dreams and also determined was a tough challenge for me, I again manage to become more focus on my academic performance and was able to graduate with flying colors. I used my credentials and skills to get a government scholarship. I did all the effort without bothering my parents. Independence. I manage to get two scholarships and was able to enter to my chosen university.

You'll know how much you love something when you were able to bet everything on it. Efforts reflects interest. Never let anyone dictates what you can be and where you can only go, you are the one who knows the real deal between you and your dreams. I started from nothing but now I'm few steps away from my dream.


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2 years ago


Indeed it has been a struggle, but here you are still pushing hard and becoming better with each passing day. Truly a motivation. Nice one dear.

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2 years ago