Romance never alive always- Part-1

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That's going to be a lovely romantic story which I will write here for my all audience. Hey First of all I like to say sorry to all of you that for exam purpose I can not post regularly. I wish to get pardon from all of you. In next month I will be free and hope to come to all of you with beautiful article regularly. Today I am going to share a lovely romantic story. I wish to get all in all part of that romantic lovely story.

The story name is : Romance never alive always.


Arifa, I will come to see you from the boy's house this afternoon.

While Arifa was reading the story from her bed, her mother Alo Begum said the word. Arifa left her story book by the bed and told her mother.

> If the boy is much older than me, but I'm not getting married this time. I broke up four or five marriages like before.

> Today's girls like you have as many problems during marriage. Earlier girls did not hesitate to marry a boy twice their age.

> There has been very little understanding between them. I don't think I have been able to talk to anyone with an open mind

> OK.

> Anyway, I will not marry any old man. I will marry someone who is a little older than me. So that we can be friends with each other.

> Hmm, I understand. If the person you will be with for the rest of your life is not like your mind, then you will never get peace. So I will marry as you like.

Arifa was happy and pulled her mother's cheek and hugged her

> This is my target mother has understood. So now tell me what is the age of the boy who is coming to see today?

> This will be like 21-22.

> Perfect for me. Only two-three years older.

> But the boy did not study much. He is taking care of his father's business. And he is very polite.

> Oh. It doesn't matter. Not everyone is perfect in all respects. I have to understand.

> Hmm.

Alo Begum was leaving Arifa's room but she went to the door of the room and turned to Arif once

> Another thing?

> What?

> Stop talking to your boyfriends if you can.

> Hmmm.

He came to see Arifa in the afternoon. Arifa thought that Raima was dressing him.

> I will not wear glasses at all now.

> Tell me. I can't hear anything. I can't read anything without glasses. That is. So let us know before we get married. Then we will not have to listen to each other again.

> OK. As you wish.

Raima came in front of the boy's side with Arifa. Only her parents came with the boy. Arifa looked at the boy once with a shy face. Looks like Bokasoka. The color of the boy's skin is bright green. He looks 21-22 years old. He looks very tall to Arifa.

The two families are talking. Sihab's mother asked Arifa some questions. Arifa smiled politely. Sihab's mother asked Sihab.

> We like the girl. Now what is your opinion?

> I want to talk a little differently.

Everyone agreed. Arifa started thinking in her mind, will this boy ask again in a different way?

Arifa is standing on one side of the room with her head bowed. And Sihab is standing a little away from her. Sihab asked Arifa.

> Can you tell if you were involved in a relationship or were before but not now?

Arifa replied in a soft tone

> No I have no such relationship.

> It was nice to hear. Because I never made love myself. Because I want to make love with my wife. And that's why you can understand what kind of girl I want as a wife?

On hearing this, Arifa got very embarrassed and smiled. Then she said in a voice mixed with shame

> No problem.

> And one more thing, if you have any boyfriends, stop communicating with them from now on. I will not allow this at all.

> OK. I will not keep in touch with anyone.

> Good to hear.

(Everyone who does not love before marriage should get rid of all the shame and know everything directly from each other clearly so that there is no problem later)

Arifa has been thinking that she is a fool for so long and now she doesn't think that she is a fool.

Thinking this, Arifa bit her finger and smiled. Finally, the date of Sihab's wedding with Arifa was fixed.

Arifa went to college the next day. Seeing Arifa, his girlfriend Niha came running. Niha told Arifa

> Did you hear that your marriage is ok?

Arifa said with a shy face

> Hmm.

> But when I heard about your marriage, a stone was pressed on someone's chest.

> I do not understand?

> I'm talking about Rafi. Rafi has been sitting dead since he heard about your marriage.

> Why?

> Hey, he likes you.

-> or *. Where is he?

> Sitting at the base of the mango tree behind the college.

> Well done.

Arifa went to Rafi's place with Niha. Rafi and Arifa are two very good friends. Arifa came to the mango tree and saw that Rafi was sitting in silence.

> Why are you upset?

> I know what to do?

Arifa is very upset with Rafi's words. Rafi likes Arifa very much. But Arifa did not want to get involved in love before marriage. Then Rafi offers to make friendship with Arifa. Can't say. He agrees to that.

But Arifa Knew that its so tough a boy and a girl can be friend.. Someone must fall in love with her. And so it happened.

Arifa asked Rafi

> Well, I told you that I can not love you.

Rafi didn't say anything. Rafi took a blade in his pocket and move on.

Nihah: Why did Rafi take out the blade?

Rafi started biting his hand towards Arifa with his teeth. Arifa got angry and grabbed Rafi's hand and said

> What is Rafi? Why are you hurting yourself like this?

Rafi pushed Arifa and said

> I will hit my body, what about you? Traitor, dishonest from here.

Arifa got angry when she heard Rafi's words

> Did I betray you?

Rafi gritted his teeth

> Let's go.

Niha then grabbed Arifa's hand and said pulling

> Arifa, get out of here.

Niha started to take Arifa away. Then Rafi said from behind

> Arifa, you can't be happy with your husband. I will bring you to bed for one day.

Arifa could not bear this. She came in front of Rafi, took off her shoes and hit Rafi on the cheek.

> So far I have told the real truth?

Rafi is not saying anything just angry. Arifa left without any more delay. Rafi started punching the tree in anger.

Arifa wonders why she is with the boys

Went to make friends, which is why today. Arifa came to class and was sitting in a bad mood when the heart came and sat on the bench in front of him. Arifa has a very good friendship with the heart.

> What's the matter, Miss, where is our invitation?

Arifa said with a heavy face

> And the invitation. That Rafi ruined my mood.

> Why what happened?

Arifa told Hridoy everything. Hridoy said after hearing everything

> Stay upset. That's better. That's all.

> Hmmm.

> I will not come to college after marriage, right?

> I don't think I'll come again.

The heart smiled and replied

> I will miss you very much girlfriend. I will be good, take care of myself. How can I not do something that makes my husband unhappy?

> Hmmm. I will miss you too. But one thing, don't forget to invite your wedding but?

The heart smiled and replied

> Well see.

Although Arifa was upset for Rafi, Arifa's mind became better with the words of his heart.

Not everyone is bad. Some friends are very good. Heart is the real proof of this.

Arifa said goodbye to everyone after finishing the class that day. Although it looked very bad but still there is nothing to do. I have to accept the reality.

Arifa got married on a certain day.

Will continue ....

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Author of this article like to say and keep trust Real lover never escape without getting lover in beside them.

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I think in any relationship respect and understanding matters alot specially if there is no respect the relationship could not withstand

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respect and understanding if we can carry and maintain in our relationship its will make the life beautiful with love.

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I will feel great to be in next part of that beautiful romantic story.

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I have to be a part of this romantic story.

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Thanks for being with me in that story.

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I love to read next part of that romantic story. Its give me feel how much lovely a romance mood is.

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This story is going to be so lovely in next parts

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That's a nice romantic story which I like to read in next time.

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Hope I can provide nice story in next.

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