Was there a time for you like that too?

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4 months ago
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Was there a time for you when you felt you were having a hard time all of a sudden when nothing happened because you are too tired to hide everything you hide everyday from everyone.

When you broke down, when you cried, when you needed someone the most and you had no one by your side. Then you wondered you have friends, you have family and everything, you are there for everyone whenever anyone need you even though you aren't that close but no one is there for you when you need someone. It hit you hard when you look around to lean on someone but there is no one.

Either there are fake people and about others you just can't share your story with them because of various reasons like you just find it hard to ask for help, don't want to let them know what you are going through, worried about bothering them with your problems, scared about them telling someone else, scared about their judgement or opinions etc etc .You are there trying to escape from everything. Just everyone and everything.

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