How do i feel?

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2 weeks ago
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Hello everyone. I am back.

Actually I have board exams right now so I was busy and couldn't come to post here but that obviously wasn't the only reason. Also I couldn't find my place here too, I don't like to write my feelings, I also don't know how to put them in words but I wanted to try it this time because I really needed to let my feelings out.

I thought i will free write my feelings here but nowadays i also don't know how i am feeling, maybe i am feeling so many emotions at the same time that i can't even tell what i am feeling or maybe i am not feeling anything? I am sad, angry, frustrated and also feeling empty.

I also wanted to free write my daily routine but i do nothing new in my daily life, I just follow the same routine everyday with which i am obviously not happy.

Anyway I will try my best to keep working here and find my place here. Also keep posting good stuff even though i know my stuff might not be good but i am still new and i can learn.

Thank you for reading.

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