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If I Were....

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8 months ago

Hello Beautiful Souls and Strong Hearts all over the world, how are you?? How is your day going??? I hope you all enjoying your new day as a new opportunity to achieve your dreams and I hope your day was super duper excited and happy..

Basically it is my first ever article which I'm going to write in this particular community... I hope I will be able to get your expensive support and love.

I don't want to take and waste your valuable time by writing unnecessary words, so let's get started..

I'm not saying that it is my original thought , I saw a lot of post about this topic and seeing them I decided that I should write on this topic too, thank to @JonicaBradley and this community for this awesome topic.

I WANT TO BE A DREAM :— Dreams are something that takes us far from the harsh reality and gives us an immense happiness, peace and joy...

Every single human being has the innate right to dream, it doesn't matter whether that person is old or a kid, it doesn't matter whether the person is rich or poor, it doesn't matter whether the person is male or female, it doesn't matter the person is black or white or brown ,, every single person can dream. But apart from this, those people who are poor are afraid of dreaming, are afraid to do something out of reality.

I want to be a good, healthy and peaceful dream myself so that those poor people and those people who are afraid to dream, are afraid to do something out of reality......... If I were a Dream then I will be able to give those people a ray of hope and happiness through their dream I mean through myself while they sleep....

IF I WERE A TREE :— How much better it would be if I were a tree. I would then be able to be a sweet home to thousands of birds insects... If I were a tree then I would here the sweet songs of those birds in the form of chirping and twittering and the constant humming of insects...

Just imagine how many people will take shelter under my cool shed.. I will listen a lots of stories and experiences from those people. I will even wear new clothes made of different coloured leaves every in each new seasons. I will dance happily with the blowing breeze, I will be able to satisfy the hunger of lots of people, birds, animals, insects with my sweet fruits. Even after my death, I would provide a huge crowd of people with my death bark, and wood.

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  • IF I WERE A RAIN :— It would be great if I were rain, I would then pour in the face of our mother earth in the form of precipitations.... I would fill the whole field with green crops and different types of flowers.. I could expung the wailing, sorrows and pains and hunger from all around. I could wash the dust from all the green beautiful leaves and bring a unique kind of freshness to them..

    IF I WERE A SOIL :— If I were Soil then thousands of trees, a thousands of life will born in my womb... I could have been the endless witness to the many civilization, and who had already walked in my chest... Numerous rivers , canals, waterbodies, seas will be able to flow on me.. I will be able to give shelter to those tiny creatures.

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  • IF I WERE HUNGER :— Only those who have already experienced hunger, they are able to know how deadly and terrible burning sensation and experience it is...

Some of us runs to digest our extra food and some of runs to quench their hunger. The rich will never know what is hunger is. If I were Starve then I will let them know and understand the real meaning of hunger... Some rich people instead of feeding the poor class they waste crores money and waste those foods, some people throw away their extra food in the dustbin instead of giving the poor one..

IF I WERE A CHILD :— It is one of my favourite dream among the above and bellow, it is something I always want to be but time will never give me this opportunity anymore.....

When I was younger just a child I wanted to grow up very soon , I thought when I grow up I will have a lot of fun and enjoyment, but I was totally wrong. When I grew up enough to understand something I realized that there was an immense pleasure, happiness and peace in my childhood but now I lost all of those things...

Now I want to be a kid again but I know it is not possible anymore. When I was just a child I didn't have any thoughts, any kind of tension, sorrow or longing.....

IF I WERE A MOON :— How graceful and beautiful the moon is, Is Not It?? If I were the Moon, then I will definitely observe all the things very carefully moving and walking in the earth from above...

My soft and mild rays will scatter around the world and feel every single corner of earth.. Many mothers will try to stop the cry of their children by showing me , many kinds will imagine a lot of stories by remembering me...

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  • IF I WERE AN ORPHANAGE :— I want to run an orphanage myself, it is my real dream and wish...

There are a lot kids who has not have their parents with them.... They have to struggle a lot to survive each and every moment... They have no future, no dream, no security, no permanent roof over their heads, if I were an orphanage then thousands of kids will be able to take shelter in me, they will play and enjoy with me.. If I were an orphanage then I will hear the sweet voices of thousands of kids all day long....

IF I WERE A CLOUD :— It would be really good if I were a cloud... I could float all over the sky without any restrictions.

The white colour of mine like milk and cottony body is able to make everyone jealous of me. The Shadow Borders of each country will not be able to bound and stop me from floating here and there... All the rivers, canals, waterbodies, seas will definitely wait for me to fill their body..

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  • IF I WERE MONEY :— It is one of my personal favourite dream 🤭, coz there is nothing in this world that can not be bought with money. Love, dreams, respect everything can be bought and achieve with money..

If I were money then then I will definitely erase all the sorrows, pains which are created for money...

IF I WERE A FLOWER :— If I could be a flower then I will be really happy, it is one of my cherished and beloved dream. If I were a flower then I will never afraid of rain rather I will use the rain for the growth of myself.. Instead of afraid of insects, I will use them to raise my family... If I were a Flower everyone will definitely Enjoy my companionship and love my beauty and fragrance..

Captured by Me

It is all my personal thoughts, I have already told not for once or twice or thrice but a lot of times, that I can't express all my thoughts by writings.

I have tried my best to express my thoughts, Allow me to take your pardon for my mistakes, and please give me your valuable opinions.

Thanks for reading my article and stopping here..

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Written by   15
8 months ago
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Most real-life problems are not handled with a single objective function. More than one objective function, which contradicts each other and makes each other idle, has to be solved at the same time. I prefer the short-term plan because my long-term plans don't come true. When both short-terms are combined, it becomes a long-term.

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8 months ago

You did a great job buddy in this. I love the way you express your self in a dream and in a hunger. I love your thoughts. Keep it up.

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8 months ago

Thank you soo muchh for your kind appreciation and advice.

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8 months ago

Wow. Beautiful. I often dreamed of being the moon also. When I was a teenager I wrote a poem to the moon.

I would love to see your dream of owning an orphanage come true.

Thank you so much for participating.

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8 months ago

It's great to hear , we have at least one dream same. I too want to open an orphanage in real, thank soo much for wishing me , reading my article, praying for my dream and commenting here.

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8 months ago