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Interesting and Fun Stuff

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1 month ago

Today I want to give you some interesting and funny facts. I hope you enjoy reading it.

1- Otters hold hands while they sleep.

How beautiful isn't it? That's enough to put them among the most romantic creatures in the world.

2- Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the Renaissance intellectuals, could write with one hand and paint with the other. Moreover, he was doing it at the same time.

The man is not just a painter. His titles include philosopher, architect, engineer, astronomer, mathematician, inventor, sculptor, musician, botanist, geologist. It's not surprising that someone with so many captions would write while painting. The man is almost Superman.

3- There is such a creature in the sea that it not only camouflages but also imitates other living things. The name of this sea creature is the mimic octopus. This octopus can mimic sea snakes, lionfish and sole fish.

At night, with a little effort, you can have a standup show at the ocean bar.

4- It has been determined that when the gaps between the atoms that unite the people living on planet Earth are removed, the world community can fit inside an apple.

According to science, humans are empty creatures. Much of what makes us up is emptiness. Actually, I'm not surprised by that. All we do is eat, drink and make love. We are of no use to the world.

5- In the 1960s, the CIA, the US intelligence agency, started a program called “Acoustic Cat”. The CIA surgically implanted a listening device in cats and used them to spy on Russian consulates.

Codename "Meow"

6- The wealth of the 3 richest families in the world is more than the combined wealth of the 48 poorest countries.

I was also wondering why children in Africa are starving. Actually, that's why. So that the children of rich families can eat lots of cake and candy.

7- The longest traffic jam in the world lasted 12 days. The queue formed by the vehicles in traffic reached 100 km. During this congestion, vehicles could only advance 1 km in 24 hours.

How did they meet their toilet needs for 12 days? The highway has turned into a public toilet.

8- Many climbing attempts were made to Mount Everest, one of the most challenging and highest peaks in the world, where mountaineers enjoy climbing. Some of these succeeded, some failed. Climbing Everest is a prestige for climbers. Studies show that there are more than 200 bodies of climbers on Everest.

Everest is like a mountaineer's graveyard.

9- In Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentine Tarantino and very popular worldwide, all clocks show 04.20.

The man is a crazy director. He also blew himself up with dynamite in the movie DJango.

10- When the male lion wins the leadership by killing the herd leader, he kills all the cubs in the herd.

He does this to get lionesses to mate with him. She wants to have her own puppies. It cannot be said that he is more cruel than humans.

11- A study revealed that two-thirds of the people living in the world have never seen snow in their lifetime.

That's incredible. I have seen snow every winter where I live. This is great. I wonder how surprised people are when they see it for the first time. Definitely a fascinating event. Small white grains float from the sky. Butterflies dance inside you. An indescribable excitement and happiness.

12- Archaeological studies have shown that an extinct 'Woolly mammoth' species was alive when the Egyptian Pyramids were being built.

We can only see these creatures, the ancestors of elephants, in cartoons today.

13- The path that an ordinary person walks in his life may be long enough to circumnavigate the world 3 times.

This may not apply to me. Considering the time I spend at the computer, the path I've walked so far is probably not enough for even a world tour.

14- Did you know that 95% of the jellyfish, which is perhaps the most interesting creature in the world, is water? However, 70% of humans are water. Water is the source of life. Experts say that there will be serious water shortages in the near future. May Allah help all humanity.

15- Hiccups are a condition that disturbs people. Actually, I know it has to do with air trapped in the abdominal cavity. Sometimes it can take minutes or even hours. When it's over we say "ohh life is good". So how long can a hiccup last?

The hiccups of a man named Charles Osborne lasted 69 years. This has to be the worst prank in the world. Can you believe this? Imagine hiccuping for 69 years. Let alone the year 69, I think we will start making suicide plans at the end of the 69th day.

16- The current information is really interesting. It's about a cartoon many of us watched as kids. In the past, the cartoon “Uncle Variety”, a Walt Disney character, was banned in Finland for not wearing panties.

Why did they do this? They may have thought it encouraged children to travel without underwear.

17- There are some actions that people do spontaneously. One of them is sneezing. Did you know that if you sneeze too hard, your ribs can break?

Yes, this is possible. During sneezing, the heart stops, even for 1 second. In fact, if you cover both your mouth and nose while sneezing, your brain vessels may burst. I've watched the news about it.

18- Another interesting information. Studies show that people are 1 cm shorter at night than in the morning.

This may be related to the temperature of the planet. It is possible for us to shorten it because it is colder at night. After all, some of our limbs can shrink when exposed to cold. Men know this well.

19- Some animals can be more emotional than they seem. For example, nerds have best friends. When you separate them from each other, they can get depressed. This is real. I watched in a documentary that cows are very social animals. Still, when I think about their size, it seems strange to me.

20- While some animals can be more emotional than they seem, some animals can be smarter than they seem. For example, the endangered polar bear covers its black nose with its paw when it wants to hide in the snow. I hope the intelligence of the polar bear can save it from extinction.

In my culture, when talking about unfortunate people, there is an idiom with a polar bear in it.

“Polar bear fvcks the unfortunate Bedouin in the desert”

Yes, the idiom might be a little nasty, but admit it, it's funny.

Today I wanted to give you interesting information. I hope you enjoyed what you read.

Please indicate in the comments which one you like the most. If you have any interesting information, you can share it. Thank you.

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Written by   56
1 month ago
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Wowww so cute

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1 month ago

You got me at Otters, they're so cute! 🤧 All I have is my pillow and blankie when I sleep!

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1 month ago

Unfortunately, I also sleep hand in hand with my duvet :)) A hand to hold while sleeping would be nice.

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1 month ago

18, Uyurken omurilik şişer ve sabahları 1 cm. Uzun oluruz. Sevişme kısmı biraz traji komik, aslında zaman sevişmekten çok o ortamı sağlamakla geçiyor. Su samurları ilgincmiş.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Geceleri kısa olmamızın sebebinin omurilik şişmesi olduğunu şimdi öğrendim. Gerçekten ilginç. HIçkırık, ahtapot ve kedi olayları da bana ilginç gelmişti.

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1 month ago