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Poverty is a sickness

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10 months ago

I went to a bank yesterday for some transactions.

I was on the queue when a lady walked in braless, she had no bra on as everything pointed forth.

She went to queue at the withdrawal section.

All eyes of other customers converged on her and there was side talks and giggles.

She had long lashed and nails with heavy makeup.

She didn't care about their gossips, she stood on the queue and waited for her turn.

There was a woman sitting in a corner, she clapped her hand in sarcasm and said...

"Hmmm...orisirisi, aye ti baje o, small time now, they won't be wearing anything again abi what is the meaning of this when half of her brezz is outside and her nipples pointed out, small time they will say men are raping them"

This lady did not say a word.

She glued to her phone till it got to her turn. After withdrawing, she held cash in her hand, approached the woman and flung 5 one thousand Naira notes at her.

"Owo ejo yin niyen (that's the money for your ranting), go and use it to feed your broke children at home." She said and went for the door.

This action left everyone in awe.

The woman didn't even mind her words, she rushed the money and picked it from the floor, she even prayed for her.

God bless you, everything you lay your hands on shall prosper, may evil not befall you.

Everyone went dumbfounded.

Poverty is a bastard.

I will never be poor in my life.

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Money na spirit oo 😂

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10 months ago