An Ex-wife's Last Wish (Chapter 3)

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The very next day even before the sun showed itself, Mavis returned to the Briar's mansion. One of their caretakers told her that Lansford and Venice were still asleep so she took that chance to sneak in.

“They're not in the master's bedroom so it's okay for you to go.” That was what she was told so she was a bit relieved to enter the room.

Upon entering, her heart felt heavy because what she saw the other day was still vivid in her mind. She wanted to bury it at the back of her mind but it was hard to do it. Nevertheless, she went in her walk-in closet and packed up all her important things. All the things that she could not bring with her, she gave it to the caretakers who had been helping her ever since she became the wife of Lansford.

She already decided to leave and just let her sister and Lansford be together. They were supposed to be the ones who had gotten married five years ago but because of Venice's condition, she was not able to attend her own wedding. Mavis was simply a substitute. And now that she was back, Mavis couldn't do anything at all because it was clear to her that she was the third party among them.

When she was all ready to leave, she saw the divorce paper on the table just beside their bed.

Looking at the signature of Lansford, Mavis could only smile bitterly.

Taking the pen, she gripped it tight and took a deep breath.

“At least, I had his last name with me for five years,” she muttered. She was simply trying to soothe herself to ease the pain she was feeling that moment.

With a heavy heart, she signed the document before wiping off the tear that rolled down her cheek. She looked at her hand and saw her wedding ring. She slowly took it off and put it on top of the divorce paper.

She wanted to leave, her mind demanded her so. However, her heart thought otherwise.

“Leave everything behind, Mavis,” she whispered.

But even before she could leave the master's bedroom, she snatched her wedding ring back and put in her finger.

“Just this ring... just this one,” she chanted in her mind.

She was willing to leave the mansion and divorce Lansford but she was not yet prepared to totally forget everything. She had only two months and those precious memories she had with her first love, even if it could only be counted with her fingers, she wanted to treasure them.

Not wanting to stay there any longer because the two might wake up, Mavis grabbed her only luggage and left the mansion. Standing by the gates, she looked back with her lips pursed.

“I love you,” she whispered to the wind before walking away.

Since she still had an appointment with her counselor that day, Mavis rented a small room in a little hotel just beside the hospital. She was to get her weekly check-up as well so she postponed finding an apartment where she could stay temporarily.

Entering the hospital, she headed to the room of her doctor.

“Mrs. Briar, I thought you weren't coming,” Ms. O'Brian stated as she stood from her seat.

“Sorry for not coming on time like usual. I had to do something really important,” she responded.

“No worries about that. I don't have much of an appointment today so I'm glad you came. So...” The doctor stared at her with a meaningful look.

“I did not tell him,” she said with a weak smile plastered on her lips.


“We're divorced.”

Ms. O'Brian wanted to complain but seeing the seemingly lifeless Mavis, she chose to walk towards her and give her a hug. They had grown quite fond of each other that it made the doctor feel too sorry for her patient. She couldn't do anything to fully cure her and now, she heard that she was even separated from her husband.

“I'm sorry,” she whispered. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I am actually looking for an apartment where I can stay until you know... I travel to the other side.”

Ms. O'Brian felt a pang of pain in her chest upon hearing those words. And it urged her to speak out what she had in mind.

“You should tell Sir Lansford about this. If he comes to know about your condition, he might change his mind of leaving you.”

But Mavis only shook her head.

“I do not want him to feel guilty. Besides, he already decided to be with my sister. It's a reality I have to face.”

Her doctor could only nod her head before running a few more tests on her. Giving her a few medicines she could take, she could not help but feel worried about her.

“I actually have a friend who is looking for tenants. The apartment is just near here and it isn't that very grandiose but it's more than a decent place. You probably want to go and see the room.”

Mavis immediately agreed. But before she could leave the hospital, she went to see the counselor she had an appointment with. It probably took her almost half an hour speaking with her since she felt uncomfortable talking about her personal problem with her.

When she was all done with her meetings, she walked to the exit to go and get her baggage before meeting up with Ms. O'Brian again. On her way out, she did not notice that Lansford and Venice just entered the premise. Venice had to see her doctor as well for weekly check-up and the CEO accompanied her to make sure she won't pass out anywhere.

“Mrs. Briar!” one of the nurses called out, making Mavis stop in her tracks and, at the same time, getting the attention of Lansford.

“You forgot your medicines in the doctor's office,” the nurse added as he handed her the medicines.

“Oh, thank you for bringing it to me. I really appreciate it,” Mavis responded before she strutted her way out of the hospital.

Lansford, on the other hand, grew curious of what could have been the illness of his now ex-wife. As far as he knew, she was never sick. He was about to follow Mavis but Venice held his hand and dragged him away.

“It's probably some sleeping pills,” he thought to himself. “She always had a problem with insomnia. That was probably it.”

Even though he wanted to convince himself to believe that thought, there was still a few strings of doubt tugging at him.

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I hope Lansford will know Mavis Condition... I don't like Venice for Lansford.

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