Who Do You Think You Are?

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1 year ago

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves this question when we have gotten to where we were supposed not to get to.

Many people who we think are not making it in life are the ones making it but here we are not stepping up. Who are we?

Sometimes when we see people making it, we will ask ourselves what kind of head do we bring to this world? The fact remains that we are who we are. We have the same brain but not the same thinking. Our mode of thinking is not the same but we are created from the same source and not born from the same parents.

At a time we began to question ourselves after seeing our mates increasing in wealth or greatness. Why do I not come from a wealthy family? Yes, there is a reason why you did not come from a wealthy home which you are thinking of in another way. The reason is because we just have to excel in where we are. The parents of the one who you thought is excelling has either been poor but met wealth by working hard or his children have been the ones working hard to bring his and her family to a better shape.

I kept on wondering why some people overcame hardship. Hardship is just an English word which is made for everyone but can leave when you are ready to work very hard. It can keep on remaining as hardship only when you have stepped up to say goodbye to hardship.

There are so many people who have been born with a silver spoon, but why is my case different? If you want to become that person, then it's time to drop laziness and embrace the hard word. In the real sense, hard work pays and can even pay more than your imagination. Someone who does not have the ability to chase greatness is a failure and does not or will not chase greatness instead will keep on with the act of laziness.

Many people today are fond of collecting money from the rich almost all their lives. They are not ready to wake up the real man in them but are ready to remain the same beggar they chose to be. The one you are begging from can change your life for good. Instead of begging for money why can't you beg for something that can make you feel better in life. There is a saying that we should ask that person to teach us how to fish instead of begging for money. The money you have begged for can only serve you for that moment, but what he or she is going to teach you can last you forever. We should always demand for everlasting wealth but not the one that can last for just a moment.

Charity begins at home but let it show forth in your house or in your life. That home is your ability to make yourself the very great person you have ever dreamt of. Charity can not just begin at home when you are somewhere sleeping or begging for help all the time without stepping up to make yourself the best or the very person you have ever wished for.

Being alive is enough but having wealth is the better aspect of life. When you are alive with suffering, you will not be comfortable, instead you will be asking yourself different or series of questions which you would have asked yourself before now.

I'm who I'm. You are not truly who you are if you are the type who does not want to step up. Sometimes we need to try and there is no harm in trying. Try to make yourself the best man or best woman. Try to wake up the champion in you just to fly to the brim. Your trying is not enough to make you who you truly are. Try and try harder to move yourself to who you truly are. Yes... You are you and are who you have dreamt becoming only when you see yourself as a better and one great man. Feel free to make things happen but don't make them happen becomes the thing you want.

It is enough for you to ponder about your life instead of just sitting and watching. What is your limit of watching? How long have you watched ? Do you still have the mind to watch? Don't be lazy but break the gene in your family and become great. Break the gene of becoming stagnant to the one great man.

Someone would say I have waited too long. Why must you wait? How long will you keep waiting? The secret is that you don't need to wait but wake up. Those that keep waiting are still waiting but those that keep on with the act of activeness are making it in their own way. Life is not all about waiting but it is all about trying something new. You wouldn't know how great you would become if you did give yourself a try.

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