Who Do You Take As Number One?

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Someone asked me this question in school. To be precise, my classmate who h got me confused. Have so many people who have taken pains to make us the best in life. They have made us happy in many ways and we have to make them happy in return. So, we all have choices in who we believe is the best for us in life.

If you were asked this question, your answer must and I'm pretty sure should be your mother. Yes… That's the fact and the truth. Our mothers are the only ones we must take as first as they have tried hard to make us smile and also to make us the best in life. Life has been so good to many people and has been so bad to some people.

Some so many people saying within them that when they see their mothers, they would not take it lightly. They have not grown up knowing their mothers. They have been willing to know who gave birth to them but in their real sense, their mothers dumped them when they were still tender. This is why we have orphanage homes and those in it are those who are in one way or the other hot abandoned by their oarenrslst, especially their mothers.

A mother who carried their children for nine months and later got their children dumped after nine months is not worth being called a mother. They are the ones who are a disgrace to motherhood and are not allowed to talk when other mothers are talking.

Sometimes back, I heard on the news that someone abandoned a newborn baby in a junction. This child was so cute and handsome. After announcing for several days, he was taken to the orphanage home. To cut it short, we just need to behave so well as mothers. When we knew that we are not up to maturity age, then we just have to maintain instead of coming home with an unwanted pregnancy. When you know it is not time for you to get yourself a man, then you just need to hold on until it is time to do what you are willing to do.

Wait for your time and the right time. If you are not ready to wait, then find yourself a husband to get married to.

As a guy, you are not ready to wait, the get yourself a woman so that you will not have the mind of abandoning a newly born baby somewhere.

So, being a mother is not a day job and so, you must know what it takes to be one. Those in the orphanage homes, have mothers but do not have who to call mothers. Who will they love and who will they choose as their best? This is another aspect we need to consider.

It would have been better if there is no one abstaining from doing what he or she can't carry. Unwanted pregnancy can cause something else to humanity. This is why we must find a way to remain ourselves instead of involving in something we cannot finish.

Back to my point

My mother has been there to take good care of me and has been there to make me great. She is the advice giver and the one who can go the extra mile to put smiles on your face. My mother is the one who has failed to eat until I'm satisfied. She can never let me down and can never let me go astray. Anytime I'm going out of the line, she puts me through and makes me come back to my normal sense.

To be sincere, fathers are also trying and can be the best only if they can do what mothers can do. Fathers can make rules and can make sure we follow the rules by all means. When a father gives you money to buy something, he is always at rest because he wants you to deliver what he sent you successfully. Mothers on the other hand can never be at rest until they are back home without complaining.

To sum it up, the one who cares for me is my number one. He or she is the one I could make the best choice.


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