We Need People To Stand

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Life I all about who we are and what we do. Life is all about the one we keep as friends. Friends can make you stand. There are some friends who can bring good fortune to you. People are the ones who can make people stand. I have seen friends who were childhood and did not have anything. They have been together for so long now. They were living on same house and do things together. So, after staying for years without work, God blessed one and became rich. The second one did not have work but still managing. After few months, the one he became rich had to call his friend and set him up for a business. He began the business and also made it great.

One fateful day, the one working was sacked and was left without a job. Thank God he had set someone up. So, his friend whom he set up also gave him a tangible amount of money which he used to start his business. He was selling at a wholesale rate. So, he was rich and was doing fine.

Now, if he did not set his friend up, what would he have fallen back to? This is why giving to someone who can help you is important. There is always power behind giving. Your friend is your savior one way or the other.

Some friends are on the contrary. They are ready to drain you to the last level after which they will run away from you. But whenever you buckle up again, you will see them running back to you. They are those ones who do not want your progress but always want to be the ones on top.

When you have a problem, they can never come close to you, but would try hard to reject you. We call these kind of friends traitors. The only good thing they can do for you is to deal with and collect from you, but can never want your progress. Friends were supposed to stand by each other. They were supposed to watch each other's backs. They were supposed to be truthful to each other.

Nowadays, people don't want to have love for each other, instead want all by themselves. Love seems to have gone on strike among friends. This is why people only want to eat from you but love hiding theirs.

Friends can make you stand while some are like devils. They can cause your downfall. This means they would be happy when you are falling.

There is a saying in my country here that you scratch my back, I scratch your back. It means it would be reciprocal instead of being one-sided.

Someone who told his friend that someone wants to send money to him. So,he told his friend to use his account just because of trust. The money is a huge sum of money. So, after the money had been sent, his friend ran away from home and even ran to a place where no one would see him. The one who has the money began to search for him but was not found. He decided to forget about it. So, after three years, he came back to his friend apologizing. He begged him to forgive him for what he had done. Being the one with heat of gold, he forgave him but promised himself not to trust anyone again.

Sometimes we need to be good to one another as this is the best in life.

Make someone stand today and I bet you won't regret it.

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1 year ago