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There is always luck attached to marriage. Whem you are married, you are prone to being lucky. I have seen so many marriages that tend to fail due to what we called lack of love. When you love, you must love to the very end as love can always prevail.

My mother says to me to always be a good girl and to be a girl that husband will love to the brim when I'm ready to get married. She said to me that love is the most beautiful thing ever. She told me to stick to just one man as it is the best thing to do.

People who are ripe should be the ones who are allowed to eat married or else it becomes something premature. The real thing is that getting yourself a real man is when you have the mind of becoming a good girl. When you are the bad type who does move from one man or jump from one man to another, then you just have a long way to go.

I have seen so many girls who are wayward becoming so special in the hands of their husbands. Men do run after them and want to make them their wives. They tour around all men but some men still want people like this. They still want girls who are just outside and those who can have the mind of to satisfy them. They believe that the girls who can satisfy them are those who are outside. They are those who have passed through men and have given them reasons to love them to the fullest.

I kept on wondering why it must remain this way. So many girls who are close to him are sometimes the ones who cannot see a good man. They are the ones who are able to make themselves good men.

The truth of the issue is that every girl has a dream. They have a dream to become who they want to become. This is why girls want to make their impact and make people know the kind of people they are. They want to remain beautiful.

I have seen so many beautiful girls who have lost their dignity. They have lost that thing that made them become real women. To become.real woman,.one.has to remain holy and remain who they are. To be a good girl, you have to be the same virtuous one you once proposed to be. Sometimes we have so many girls who do not know anything abouttheir lives not only want to flirt around trying to make things worse for themselves.

Being who you are as a girl is the best instead of trying to make things complicated for yourself.

Everyone has a dream just as I have said before.Amd the only one who is capable of making your dream come true is the one who has love for you. As a young lady attaching yourself to the best man ever shiodome the best ever.

As men we have to have a lot of respect for women.

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