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Life Goes On Like This Again

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7 months ago
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Wednesday the 14th: The Bright Side

I have shared to you before the sad event that happened to our family last Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Here is the first story:

But I remember hinting in the end that I will tell you about my happy story, too, that happened in the same day.

So let's get right into it!

I am an ARMY

This may not be as interesting to others, especially to non-Kpop fans. But what can I do? I am in love with Kpop so much that I am still willing to share my overflowing emotions even some people may not like it. Haha!

Source: @bts_bighit on Twitter

ARMY is a fandom name of the Kpop Group, BTS. It stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. I am proud to have this as one of the titles I have in my entire lifetime, as this name has made me proud for endless times already.

Our fandom name is represented by the color purple, as it represents that 'BTS and ARMYs will trust and love each other for a long time', like what V, or Kim Taehyung, a BTS member said.

Source: @BTS_twt on Twitter

Ever since, we have created our own language of saying 'I love You' with 'Borahae': or I Purple You, just in Korean Language.

So, if you hear someone say the latter, instead of the normal three words, you sure have met an ARMY. 💜

I am Not Rich

This holds truth until now. I am not rich. I am still not financially capable enough to attend their concerts, or buy their albums, as it costs too much to me, and all my income still goes to my family and other more important things.

Therefore, I envy those ARMYs that are rich. I envy those who proudly show their merch collections on social media. I always wish I was them, I want to hold an ARMY Bomb (name of our fandom lightstick, one that we use to light up the concerts) like they do—I want to meet BTS in person, too.

This is what an ARMY Bomb looks like.

Those thoughts have always been in my mind. I remember crying myself to sleep one night. BTS had concert in our country, the "Wings Tour" and all I could do was stare at the ceiling, imagining myself to be on the concert grounds, waving my own lightstick.

I should be there, singing with BTS, too. Or cry with them when the concert ends. But here I am, looking at the few money I have, crying for a different reason.

Meeting BTS in person is a lifetime wishlist for me; I hope I can make that dream come true someday.

I Somehow Made it Work

It is not a secret, too, that I am a working woman now, and fortunately, I have more bills to handle. I am still saving for a different purpose this time (which is to enroll in a CPA Boards Exam Review School) and I am still saving now.

However, I was able to keep some to myself and save enough to buy their latest album: BE Essential Edition.

Yes, finally. Who would have imagined I can do this? One of my dreams has come true, how come I wouldn't brag it?

Having a merch is one of a fan girl's greatest dreams, and I testify to that. No one can explain the euphoria I still am feeling right now.

Here is the sneak peek of the album I have. Those are my photography skills! (hahaha!)

BE Essential Album: A Closer Look

In this section, I am sharing you the details of my first-ever album. You will see what a typical BTS album contains.

Are you ready?

  • Overview

Basically, it has an outbox which contains everything inside.

Inside, there is a poster, the CD, a photo book, and the photocards. The photostrip and the sticker set you see in the upper left are freebies from the one where I got this from. I am so thankful she gave me freebies. The outbox is the one you see in the lower middle.

The picture above is how it looks like when the contents are still inside the outbox. You can see the album name, "BE" above, and the artist name, BTS, in the lower part.

  • The Photo Cards

These are the photo cards. I can put them in my wallet. Whenever I feel stressed about the amount of my money inside, I will immediately see BTS, and I will be happy (lol!)

So cute, aren't they? For some, photo cards are such important things. They do their best to acquire all the possible photocards of the artists out there, and they feel happy when they complete it—it brings them fulfillment.

I can't definitely relate because I don't have the means to hoard such money-snatching items. (For now).

Look! I made a special photoshoot of my favorite member (my ultimate crush in Kpop!). He is Kim Taehyung, or known as V (his stage name), one of the most handsome humans I've ever known.

  • The Poster

Again, the very first official BTS poster that ever came to me. If I may share, BTS posters can be purchased in many stores, at significantly lower prices, but they are not considered official merch, so this poster is special to me.

I put my hand on the poster so you would know how big it was. If you will look at the first photo I shared, the poster is still folded. So here you go, how it looks like when unraveled.

My man is sitting in the middle! I am inlove! Haha!

  • The Photobook

It is the one that consumes the most space in the outbox. You see, it ain't just a simple photobook, it has almost a thousand pages!

Being a fan that loves them, I won't mind looking at a whole lot of amazing photos inside!

You can just imagine how thick this photobook is! It's worth my money!

If you're to ask me, the photo book is what I love the most in this album set.

  • The CD

Of course, the reason it is called an album, the CD is there. It contains all of the masterpiece that BTS have curated for us ARMYs.

It's obvious how careful I am to not scratch the CD. Of course, it's so special to me.

  • The Sticker

I haven't told this one yet. So the BE Album comes in different versions: The Deluxe Edition, and the Essential Edition. I have the latter one, and the difference it has with the first one is that it was released later, and it has these stickers:

The first one indicates two of BTS' songs that has made a lot of buzz because it has broke records of being the first songs of a Korean Act to top the Billboard Hot 100. This is one milestone I am so proud of.

We know how big Billboard 100 is. And it is based on US. So, a Korean Act making it to #1 is such ana amazing, spectacular achievements. Thank you, ARMYs, for making this possible. The tracks that made it to #1 are 'Life Goes On', and 'Dynamite'. Sounds familiar? Yes, I've included this is my playlist suggestions article, too. You may want to read my article on that:

The second sticker is yet another amazing achievement: BTS being the first ever Korean act to be nominated in Grammys, the most prestigious musics award we can ever know.

  • The Freebies

Here they are! The free items I got from Ate Celine, my co-ARMY from when I bought this album from. Thanks to her, I was able to get this album in a lower price, and a more convenient way, plus these cute freebies!

How cute! The freebies I got are these adorable pieces.

First, the BTS Winter Package special photo strip. Look how happy they are! Just one look at this one and I know my energy will be replenished immediately.

The second one is this sticker set! It comes with BTS chibi versions, plus words of encouragement that will cheer me up all the time.

I am so thankful of these freebies, no lie. I didn't expect, but I welcome with a big finger heart! 💜

So there you go! A detailed explanation on why my April 14th isn't a bad day after all. Having this beautiful work of art made my life more meaningful as an ARMY.

It is a bonus of being a fan of real artists, people that advocate beautiful campaigns, especially the #LoveMyself campaign in UNICEF.

Thank you, BTS.

BTS has helped ARMYs around the world in so many ways. They aren't just artists: for us, they are our medicine, a breath of life, our source of happiness, our best friend, one that came at the right time when we needed them.

BTS will always stay in my heart forever. To any ARMY who may come across here, you may share me your fangirl experiences to. Borahae!

Thank you for coming by, I feel so inspired knowing you're there to read my works. Don't be shy and talk to me in the comment section, I would love to know you more. ♥️

A special shout out to @Peter-Molnar , my newest sponsor. I am so grateful that an amazing content creator trusted me. Your support means a lot to me.

I am encouraging you to check his articles, you won't regret it.

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Avatar for Ellehcim
Written by   246
7 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, Writing, Blog, Journey, ...
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ARMY 💜 the BE album is really special. Really served its purpose in these trying times. The visuals are such a feast in the eyes too

$ 0.00
7 months ago

ARMY!!! OMG I am sorry I only saw this comment just now.. :(( BE Album is such a beautiful masterpiece..

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Oh, it’s fine. Probably because my comment is tagged as low-scored/spam but Idk how to fix it :( Anyway I am blog-hopping when I saw your post. And yes, I have a BE album too! It’s really nice.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I can see that this special box means a lot to you. I have never heard about them, but I am open to discover things that is new to me. You never know what you miss out if you are not open to new things. I actually went and looked them up. I found the song Life Goes On. I had to turn on the cc to see the lyrics in English. I am a music lover, but it takes some time to get used to new music even when my favorite band releses their new album. Thank you for the shout out.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Yes, I will never be their fan if I never gave them a chance, too. Thank you so much for taking time to read my personal experience even you have a little to no idea about what I am talking about 😅. I appreciate it so much. Thank you, as well, for making a decision to believe in my works and helping me grow. I will never forget this. 🤗

$ 0.00
7 months ago

That's my pleasure.

$ 0.00
7 months ago