3 A.M. Talks: Slow Burns (plus Rusty Day)

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Nothing more surprising that a sudden pop up of a fictional scene idea, and I just wrote the following stuff in a haste, before sleeping... in the middle of the night.

I'd love to share it, though it may not be everyone's cup of tea. It's a bit... too sweet, or maybe unreal. Or just too poetic in a way.

Again, I warned you. Everything from here on, is FICTIONAL.

Title: 3 AM Talks

"I really had a blast with this thing, Elena."

"Same here! It's been so long since I drank like this again, without worries.. just to have fun."

"Good old days."

"Good ol' days."

For almost five minutes, a comforting silence filled the room, with Elena and Alison just staring into nothingness, without a care in the world.

"You know what", Alison started, "I am not fond of touch, right?"

"Yeah, sure. I know, of course. Of course, I know.." Elena nonchalantly said.

Alison knows that she's indeed capable to love and be loved, yet she sometimes feels that she's not able to express how she feels because of the way she acts.

"You're a bit cautious of contact, too conscious about hugging, even just holding hands. And that's okay.. Not everyone's fond of physical touch." Elena added.

"You may not believe it when I say I don't normally hug every single one in our family, not even on holidays nor occasions. I can remember a few, very rare times we hugged, and that one time I initiated a hug, yet all those felt partly awkward." Alison continued, with a few giggles... "It was just how I was raised. Everyone in the family are not affectionate with one another, but we're sure we love each other deeply."

Overtime, with friends, she somehow grew a bit over her awkward hugger era, and experienced warm, friendly hugs with a few people, coupled with laughter and cringey messages. Oh, and Alison also remembers that time she comforted a work colleague who lost a loved one. She became emotional whilst she gave that person a little hug. She won't forget that.

Alison shows her love through all other things but physical touch.

"... But, honestly, I know, in some parts of my life, once, at least once, I liked the feeling of it. I liked how connected I become with that person I shared a few seconds of cuddle with."

Elena looks warmly at her best friend, grateful that she gets to hear Alison opening up to her, which happens once in a blue moon.

"I could give you a hug right now.." she whispered.

Alison looked at her with disgust, in a joking manner, and continued, "I've told this to you before.. The most special one is when I use hug to comfort people. I feel a bit of how they feel, to the point that I cry even when they don't."

"Yes, I remember that one time you said that."

"Somehow, when I hug them, I start to unconsciously adopt whatever they could be feeling at that moment, and it's something magical, something I'd never exchange for anything else."

"Awwww..." Elena holds Alison's hands.

However, Alison's still majorly hesitant with the concept of it. Of physical touch.

"And... and that's the reason I am saying this—I think I found my person." Alison spoke, with embarrassment written over her face.

"Oh my gosh, are you talking about—"

"Shut up, I have not told you who he is yet!"

Alison was interrupted with Elena's funny squeals of excitement, and her heart never felt more giddy before.

"Okay, so spill!" Elena said, preparing another set of snacks.

"There's this time where we just decided, out of nowhere, to grab some drinks so we can sleep better. Yet, we ended up talking for hours, sharing the littlest of things, hearing each other giggle and crack into loud, unbothered laughters."

Alison grabbed a nearby pillow to hug, a futile attempt to hide how she feels at the moment.

"We didn't know the exact moment that we just ended up lying side by side on that white soft mattress, while he wrapped his right arm over mine, his body facing my back. It was more of like a back hug, but we're lying down.

"We spent at least three more hours whispering stories, but it felt like only minutes.

"The shocking thing is that, I did not feel, not even once, the need to break away from the hug. I felt comfortable and safe with it—I am even surprised myself!"

How could Alison, an awkward hugger, who rarely initiated cuddles, became so okay with this?

"Then, bam! I realized things. It made sense." Alison paused, funding the right words to say.

Elena have never been this present in the moment, despite having drunk a lot.

"Maybe I am not really someone who's not fond of physical touch as a love language. Maybe, a person is out there, waiting to unlock my hugging potential—"

"Hugging potential!" Elena screamed.

"I know! Maybe, it's him." Now, Alison can't hide the big smile on her face, knowing damn well a whole zoo is partying in her stomach right now.

"OMG, you think it's him?!"

"No, no, no. Scratch that. I am sure. It's him. That particular night just strengthened what I initially felt."

"Wait, you forgot the last detail.. Who's he? Who's the lucky guy!"

"You know him."

"I know him?!"

Alison let out yet again a funny squeal before speaking, "Angelo."

"You already have something going on! I love it, I love slow burn stories! Oh my gosh! I am screaming, I am happy for you!"

Alison received the warmest hug she could ever get from her best friend. As if things weren't funny enough, Elena started crying like crazy.

"I am not getting married yet, you mad woman!" Alison exclaimed.

A loud phone alarm rang, signaling that it's already 4 o' clock in the morning. However, for the two bestfriends, the night is not over yet.



Okay, so how was it?

I had a bit of a fluttering heart as I had this silly scene pictured in my mind, and I am not satisfied with how I presented the details. Still, I hope you enjoyed reading this one.

It's been a while since I last shared the stories I create from time to time. I enjoyed doing it tonight again.


And reminder!

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-+ Thanks for coming by! +-

To God be all the Glory.

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Hehe short story was funny glad it ended in hug 🤗

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