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The ultimate guide for making reading a habit in 7 simple steps

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3 months ago

Applying James Clear method for making reading a habit.

I have read so many books that have changed my life and one of them is Atomic Habit by James Clear. You probably have heard about it or read it yourself. The thing is that in this book the author documents his research on how to create small habits that can make big changes in your life. The methods he explains can be applied to anything and, because I'm obsessed with all about the experience of reading, I want to apply it to how to make reading a habit. Ready for the journey? Here we go.

Make it easy

A habit, to be formed, needs to be repeated a lot of times before. For that reason, doing things that are overcomplicated and are difficult to repeat with enough consistency, is a big mistake in forming a habit. Reading can be hard work for some people. Actually, depending on the texts, it is hard for every one of us. So how do we make it easy? By training, like with exercises. We don't run a marathon since the first day. Do we? So here are two pieces of advice for training on reading.

1. Start with shorts books

Quantity is the first thing to consider when reading. Trying to finish a massive book can be hard and discouraging. So, If you aren't already a great reader, I recommend you to start with short books, articles, stories, or poems. Something that can give you the satisfaction of finishing the whole thing.

2. Chose books according to your field of expertise and experience

This is the most important tip for becoming a great reader. In books and texts, there are levels as in video games. For example, in my country we have a writer named Alejo Carpentier that is very hard to read and, even when I found it amazing I don't recommend it to new readers. Another example, for me, is very difficult reading about physics topics, even when it's something written for all readers.
If you go step by step and read enough, as well as if you chose correctly your readings, you'll be able eventually to read more complicated things. The important is that you don't get stuck in the same level of comprehension forever, which I see happening in so many people. Take risks when reading, go out of your comfort zone, but not so far.

Make it evident

The next step for making a habit, in this case, reading, is that it is so inevitable that you almost can't avoid doing it. How can we achieve this?

3. Buy an eReader

I have said it a lot of times, an eReader is an open invitation to read everything you want at any time. It's small, a big difference from some physical books. So if you have your book in your purse while you're waiting for a bus, doing a line for buying something, or in a restaurant, it will be pretty evident that you have the intention to read.
It happens to me something funny. I used to hesitate to grab my Kindle because I didn't if I was going to have time for reading when I was out of my house. But that has changed, I realized that if I don't bring my eReader, I will use the blank spaces with social media scrolling. For that, now I always grab my Kindle and put my phone next to it in my purse. Whenever I want to use my mobile, I'm able to see my Kindle which is a reminder for reading.

4. Set a reminder

So, let's say you are actually scrolling your phone and then pups up a notification that says "Time for reading" and maybe have some kind of motivational or funny phrase after. More evident than that, impossible!
However, I do think that deleting reminders can become a habit too if we have the same reminders every single day. For that reason, try your reminders to surprise you so you can really perceive the urgency you have for reading.

5. Put your book on your bedside table

No matter if it's an eReader or a physical book, just put it on the bedside table, or next to your sofa if that is the place where you spend most of the afternoons and nights. The key is that the habit of reading can be joining another habit you already have.

Make it enjoyable and desirable

For repeating a habit you need to really enjoy it because that is the only way it can become desirable. How can we make this possible for reading?

6. Read books you actually are interested in

It's not only about reading books you can read, but books you want to read, which is the most important. When finding your perfect book you need to ask yourself what things you like, your interests, your future plans, and how a specific book can help you with them, etc. Try to avoid reading for obligation, mainly if it is for social pressure of those who are among you or just because that book is a must-read for everyone.

7. Do cozy and fun things while reading

Making reading time is important for two reasons. First of all, we need to enjoy life and the little things in it the best way we can. Second of all, having a fun and nice time reading makes more likable reading again.
Thinking of this I made a post a few days ago with some ideas on how to make your reading time amazingly nice, so you can check it here.
I hope you have enjoyed reading it, if so you can develop the habit of coming back to me so can read more posts like this, for that, you just need to subscribe
Also, please, let me know in the comments what was your favorite tip on this post or if you have another one.

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Written by   12
3 months ago
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Reading is actually good for the betterment of our thinking skills.

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3 months ago

Yes, it actually is. Thanks for reading

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