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It's Broken. But how do we fix it?

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As you may have read in my last article, The Future You Choose, I outlined a few of the problems with the world that we are all going to face very soon. I mentioned how by digitizing your finances you will be duped into trading; convenient purchasing for your privacy.

A few people had queries on why Freedom Reserve was in any way different to any other cryptocurrency or beats the system we have now. So, I hope to explain, why I feel we should lend our support to this ambitious project.

Since that infamous month of march, when our glorious leaders essentially gifted themselves the ability to write themselves a blank cheque and play international one-upmanship of; who can get away with the greatest infringements on our freedoms. I found a new interest in watching the coming and goings of red and green lines on charts. Stocks, shares, gold, currencies and the curiosity of cryptocurrencies.

Since then I have not acquired my doctorate in financial magic from the London School of Economics and Wizardry, but I have learnt a lot about how money works, what it is and how the British government, or indeed every government can conjure up vast amounts of cash and slap the bill on me, my family, you and yours for the far foreseeable future.

The first thing to understand is what money is. For fun let me take you to the Indian Ocean, where a wealth of sea life exists in all it’s natural glory. Let us dive beneath the waves and look for the creature we are interested in, the Money Cowrie (It’s a snail by the way). It’s not even the whole snail we are interested in but rather it’s shell.

The shell of a Money Cowrie is the same as a coin. The more shells you have the greater your wealth. These small shells were collected and used to pay for things. The number of shells in the system is of course determined by the number of snails that have ever lived. If you had all the shells you would have all the wealth. But no one could possibly have all the shells though, many get lost, destroyed, damaged, buried, simply not collected, etc. Therefore, the value of the shell comes from it’s scarcity.

Nick Szabo has written a great article on this matter

We used to have a similar system, we used gold. It worked well until the whole World War One thing and the government realised they needed a way to borrow their way out of the massive hole they had dug the people of Britain into .

No one can have all the gold, some is accessible but there is still some in the earth’s crust and even in the depths of planets, as yet untouched by human hands. But that have also gone the way of the shell and is no longer the basis of our own currency systems. In 1931 Britain abandoned the gold standard. As did the USA in 1971.

So, what is the scarcity factor that our currency is based on today? Well that is the problem we face. Over the past decades we have allowed our governments to authorise the printing of money so they can afford the things they pledge to provide in return for your vote. They tend to gloss over this detail.

With a UK debt of over £2 trillion and growing by roughly £5,000 a second, what can we do to address the issue of being stuck on a hamster wheel of debt for yours and your descendants life.

One solution may come from the World Economic Forums, ‘Great Reset’. The slogan ‘Welcome to 2030, I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better.’ comes from them. Another option is to look to China for help. Their ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative offers billions to countries to build massive infrastructure projects, like seaports, railway networks and roads. However, this is known to be a method of accelerating CCP subversion in nations that fall into its trap.

We as the masters of our own destiny must not allow ourselves or each other to blindly consume what the WEF, EU, National Governments, CCP, Central Banks or any other ‘elite group’ toss before us. As we can surely tell by now our welfare or betterment is none of their concern. Our willingness to use the very money they dish out to us is the means by which they control of us.

We have the power to enact our own Great Reset. With Freedom Reserve we also have the tools to make it a reality.

Freedom Reserve is a cryptocurrency with a defined scarcity. Only 80,000,000 FR coins will ever be in existence. So just like Gold or shells there can be no inflation or creation of more FR coins to enable reckless spending policies.

Our way of life as we see it today would not need to change. The technology we use right now would allow us to convert to using FR right now if we so wished. It would be no different to paying with any other form of contactless system or using your phone. Bills, groceries, clothes, wages, houses and birthday cards could all be paid for with FR, rather than the pound which has become the giant bloated beast that we are all burdened with feeding.

How do we make this change? It really is far simpler than you might think. Being a digital currency, you will need a digital wallet. This is simply a repository for your funds, just like a bank account. You would be able to pay for and receive payments via your wallet information which usually means scanning a QR code. You then exchange your current fiat money for Freedom Reserve. You can begin by exchanging as much or as little as you like. It’s that simple.

Over the past decade or so payments for goods and services via cryptocurrency has been the focus of countless projects. The Infamous Silk Road is one example of an economy which proved crypto as a serious contender for the future of currency.

As more and more people adopt the new currency the buying power increases. eventually 1FR will be equivalent to £1. Once the balance favours us and we top £1 per FR we can demand payments for goods and services to be made in FR rather than the less valuable £.

As of writing this 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is worth £16,791 and 1 Ethereum (ETH) is worth £506.99.

For further confirmation that those who rule over us fear the possibility of a Project like Freedom Reserve. New rules and regulations are being pushed for, that yet again undermine our freedoms and privacy. They are drafting and debating behind closed doors how to prevent people being able to unite against them and threaten their command over us.


For more information on this subject feel free to explore these links and discover the growing community.


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Written by   8
1 month ago
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wow. important article. covers this issue in its entirety. we must defeat this bloated beast of fiat currency.

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