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The Future You Choose

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1 month ago

I hold my hands up. I admit it. I do like to take the path of least resistance. I have neglected items off shopping lists just because the aisle was a bit crowded. I have told white lies to negate arguments or delays. Innocent things in the grand scheme. However, I am also guilty of not taking the slightest bit of interest in matters that I had convinced myself I had no purpose being interested in. This is something that, in hindsight, I am quite ashamed of.

I will further admit I was wilfully ignorant on a whole range of issues that I deemed irrelevant to my life. Why would I care about things such as geopolitics or global finance when I am not involved in either of those worlds. And there is the error in my thinking. I am indeed involved in those worlds as they are the world I live in, so do my children and one day: their children. As will yours.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Events or advancements, from what seem like totally separated departments, tend to quickly find suspiciously common ground. I now find myself living in a world where billionaires orchestrate the response to viral pandemics, which are spring boarding us into an economic catastrophe, that just so happens to have been prepared for, which is endorsed by more billionaires and celebrities even royalty, Prince Charles.

If you have not heard of the ‘World Economic Forum’ or their plan for the ‘Great Reset’ allow me to summarise: Use a Global economic downturn to usher in a new era of technological integration for  your daily life. The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

But what does it mean? Of course, it means better technologies such as mobile phones, gaming, Internet, connectivity, payment systems, better medical equipment, better crime fighting tools like surveillance and intelligence gathering. Great stuff, right.

As I stated earlier, I am guilty of taking the path of least resistance more than I like to admit. That is a trait found through the natural world. Animals will walk along established routes through the forest to save their energy. We built canals to transport goods easier, we use bridges to avoid valleys or rivers, we miss items off shopping lists to avoid busy aisles, we tell white lies.

So, you probably assume I like the idea of all this convenient new technology with its gadgets, gizmos and hi-tech do-dads. No, I do not. I implore you to ask yourself; Were you asked whether you want all this? Do you know the ramifications of all this technology, do you consent to being tracked and traced in real time through your devices or even being microchipped to make it even more convenient for the authorities or…whoever, to know what you’re up to, minute by minute.

I would like to tell you about a place in the world where new technologies are integrated far more into daily life than it currently is today for us in the UK for example.

Welcome to China in the year 2020. Please ensure you always keep your mobile phone on your person, you will require it for 90% of purchases you make. Well 100% if you live in a city like 60% of the population. leave your wallet at home as there is very little hard money in circulation any more. Ensure you have all the correct government approved apps downloaded, such as for the news and the track and trace app. Ensure you have your ID on hand to provide the authorities with your details when asked. You will not have access to many public services without it. Ensure you allow the facial recognition cameras that monitor your activity day to day to recognise you as it’s important that your social credit score is kept accurately via these cameras and your other accumulated data, as it will be used to determine your approval for jobs, loan applications, use of public transport and allowance of  tea breaks.


Over the course of the next few years greater and greater liberties will be taken by our government, authorities and corporations to micromanage our lives so that we work to their benefit and furtherance rather than vice versa.

The main method of control they will have over you is through your access to money. I realised the other day I had not used small change to make a purchase in quite a while. In fact, at a supermarket I became a fumbling mess when I tried to find a spare pound coin for a trolley. The contactless system of payment has changed my day to day comings and goings. Furthermore, having accumulated all the money in my home into one pile the amount of cash I had right then was £55.20. The rest of my money was mere digits on a phone screen. It made me think; If the banks so wished they could at this point stop issuing cash entirely. Life would go on. But what would that mean? We would have lost a huge portion of our privacy in a moment.

What if I wanted to buy an ice cream on my lunch break? My wife, who shares my account would know I bought something other than my usual cheese sandwich. My bank would know, if they deemed necessary, the Police, HMRC and any number of shady organisations that are out there. What else could they know about me coupled with other data such as phone calls, CCTV and internet search history, the whole idea of privacy becomes obsolete. This is real and happening now. It’s called metadata and has been used for years. In the words of the former NSA Chief Michael Haden “we kill people based on metadata ”.

I have walked blindly through life enjoying the comforts and luxuries that occupy my brain moment by moment assuming everything is in hand, that advancement such as smartphones, cashless societies, surveillance and billionaires are of no real consequence to each other nor me. However, I would like to tell you they are intimately entwined, and the modern-day China example is the future earmarked for us.

It may have been a long winded, or scenic route for getting to the point of this whole piece, but here it is. In the coming years whether you like it or not, huge changes are coming in the way we live our day to day lives. The tool they will use to force these changes is through your access to money. Yes, you will be encouraged to spend, save, borrow and donate etc but what will you be doing it with?

It won’t be with coins or notes. They will go the same way as the shilling and the cheque. It will all be replaced with a digital format. In which case, what is your wealth other than digits on a screen? What value does your money have? How is its value gauged? How does it compare to other currencies around the globe? Or will there even be a need for various currencies.

The answer to this is, whatever they give you. But it will be a digitized currency created by the same lot of people who turned away from the gold backed system so they could print more money to save themselves from the consequences of their poor management, outright greed and which debt trapped millions.

There does however exist an opportunity to take the initiative away from those who seek to trap us in the system in this new way. We can reject the future they have chosen for us and substitute our own. Redress the balance of power in the peoples’ favour. It may sound simplistic but that is the beauty of Freedom Reserve.

 Freedom Reserve is a cryptocurrency project with a simple and clear mission: Issue sound deflationary money to replace debased fiat currency. Create a safe haven for people to protect their wealth from inflation. Give ordinary people the ability to avoid expropriation by the State. Generate a new economy free from government taxation and interference.

To make the move onto this new platform requires a small amount of re-learning when it comes to money, but people have survived the change to decimalisation, the Euro and even the switch to plastic ten-pound notes.

We have this short time window during this time of unprecedented change to make a stand.

In my next article I will tell you how I came to discover this new cryptocurrency and what drew me in to participating in its community.

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Written by   8
1 month ago
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Great writing style. Very dark times ahead you could not be more correct. Never heard of Freedom Reserve tho so thanks for that.

In return I have two things for you. First is a reddit thread I've started regarding how to prepare for the 1984 society. Not as useful as I would have hoped when I started the thread but it might have some use for you.

And second would be another cryptocurrency blogging platform called Publish0x. This kind of stuff is very good over there and just FYI this is a referral link. I've been on the platform for over a year now and highly recommend it. And since we're on the topic, I'll post a link to an article I had which is a similar vein to this one ;)

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1 month ago

Cool. I wonder though, isn't it getting rather late in the day to be launching a new cryptocurrency?

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1 month ago

Not really. the existing cryptocurrencies have done very little to live up to their promise.

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1 month ago

It could be seen as late, but it is more importantly NOT too late. Having read about the potential problems with KYC (Know You Client) that is rearing it's head in the US. It is important to get behind projects that value freedom more than ever.

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1 month ago

Good article. Thanks for mentioning Freedom Reserve.

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1 month ago