State of Soul - short glimpse from our Tribe's album

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I know, maybe it's an album with lots of names on it ... but we are very happy about the final result of it :-)

You can watch a short glimpse of all the tracks within'our album this short video bellow and also you can check it out inside a platform, which, hopefully soon will release their own token or coin inside the cryptonian blockchain.

Enjoy the music people and thanks for stepping by...

Video inside Tokentuber platform:

"State of Soul" inside Musicoin platform:

BC platform as well:

Lucian Nagy - Composer | Saxophones, Flute, Bulgarian Kaval, Turkish Ney, Duduk, Vocal
Sebastian Spanache - Piano, Synth
Johann Berby - Bass, Gimri, Vocal
Csabi Pusztai - Drums, Percussions
Steve Brookfield - Sound Engineer

As feat.artists:

Prabhu Edouard - tabla/udu drum
Gabriel Rosati - Trumpet, Trombone
Neil Yates - trumpet, flugelhorn
Ivan Aleksijevic – Piano & keyboards
Uyanga Boldbaatar - vocals
Rachael Gladwin – Background Vocals
Maria Chioran – Background Vocals
Malvina Nagy – Background Vocals
Luci Holland – Oboe

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Nice article

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3 years ago

Nice album, have hit on it before.

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3 years ago