It's just a test - Decentralized Homeschooling through Cryptonian Future? Decentralized World?

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What would it be if on this Earth, will be implemented ( even if the word implemented sounds like someone already it's governing that protocol already) the Homeschooling structure and the next generation of children would have their own teachers with whom they would study whatever they would like or they have the talents for ( from which the old word "talanti" comes, which represents the talents, the rule of Life) and so, if they have the talent for painting, they will spend hours per day in painting, if they are blessed with the talent of singing, guess what, that he or she will practice everyday ...

With the condition of parental surveillance :-) I know, most of the people nowadays are afraid to say this kind of words like: surveillance, spying, fear, controlled ...

Never to forget that humanity, without a periodical or a constant control, expecially in some parts of this World, would still be in Middle Age, commiting all kind of attrocities ...

What would you like to be, especially now, in this very moment in Time, when the society you've known is running through a phase of "re-shaping protocol"?

Through this whole exercise on which humanity was exposed to become the main character, one of the most desired ( the mirror, Esired ... remember from harry Potter? Desire - Esired) thing was to implement a new system, better than the existing one, to have the so called, Home-schooling ... and ... guess what? Here you have it ... The new programming protocol is implemented, but, not under your terms ...

You as a mom'or dad ... have been programmed to "social distancing protocol" BEFORE this whole scenario would have been placed to take action ... You should thank to some social media platforms for disrupting you as an entity and after that, what, sometime ago was named
" Family" ...

Soul food for thought ... like my buddy is always telling me ...

Jedi Yoda

NOW, you have the whole day to spend with your children, men and especially WOMEN, and YET, you cannot deal with the fact that this very expected protocol of Home-schooling is requiering your input as a "parent", to assist your child right under your direct surveillance ... to nurse him ... like it was done very naturally by ancestrals "Mamas" ... you've lost your inner instinct of something that, still, in some Tribes exists, like it never got lost ...

Families are not hanging anymore, especially in this moment of our Lives, when the re-shaping protocol is implemented right in front of our own Eyes.

Everyone is lost inside it's own "cell" phone ...

I've read lots of posts/blogs and i've seen how parents cannot sit inside their Homes ... even if ... when they're working and they're not Home, they would like to be earlier in the Evenings, at least to say Good Night to their children :-)

How hilarious ...

Can't you see that through this "inner" maintaining programme to keep everyone in his house, actually the old "divide et impera" protocol is taking place much faster and with much an easy way the whole Mind/Soul of almost each member of a Family ...

"Social distancing" means, divide et impera in a new contemporary format.

Under the illusion, though which most of this society have felt in, by being involved in those social connected platforms, and through the fake idea of "All is One" , which was very easy implemented, actually the whole anagramic meaning of it ... is "Alone" :-)

Voila ... here we are ...

Home schooling directly through some video-chat programs ... still :-) on the very easy programmed tool, named ... cell-phone :-)

... funny how the word cell appears inside this robotic extension ...

Soon, on our retina ... Soon, but not yet ...

I think that through this experiment of "self-isolation" first of all, from our own "Inner-Soul" we shall contemplate and re-discover ourselves from within'and we shall let the true Illumination from inside of ourselves to manifest and embrace ... our children, parents, grand parents ... that sacred thing ... that once ... was Family :-)

Returning to my main idea, of having true Home schooling protocols in the next Future,

I think this would be better, and we would have a better society, if we would be able to manage this and organize it in a natural and organic way...

It won't be disregarded the culture, of course, a culture of civilizations would be helpful for everyone to learn ( the true culture of civilizations, not the history of them, which in most of the case has a big "?" on it)

For music, if the young child would start the rhythm course in an "indian Konnakol" way , they will learn more mathematic than they'
ve ever thought it may exist in matter of music rhythm :-)

Anniway, after years of mathematic in school, most of the humans will remain with 1+1 = 2 ... actually maybe 3 :-)

Even with this futuristic proposal, it might be dangerous, if the whole system would be robotized, and as we assisting nowadays, already the young generation does not know annymore what means a game field, to run a bicycle annymore, everything happens on the tablets, phones, which was the bait of incompetent parents :-) sorry ...

I'm wondering if the society would be able to return from this path, which already goes to robots era, that's why i'm thinking if a system like that, with Home-schooling, would be the solution to step out from a school that became already a system on which most of the "illuminated" people became aware, that it's not leading in a good direction and maybe this new program of cryptonian Home-schooling would be more efficient ...

The big question from my side would be, the same persons from the old schools will try to get the jobs of Home-schooling structure and try to get paid via cryptos, that would be non-sense then :-)

Old people on New Times would be back, with same Old habits ... non-efficient ... in my humble artistic opinion :-)

Also the replacement of the old humans, with robots would not be a solution as well.

Maybe in the next Future, there will be the virtual cards, and if you want to be Einstein for 1 year or 1 month, you'll pay 1 btc and take the card, insert it back on your head, and guess what? Voila, you'll be Einstein, but actually it won't be you :-)

Spooky, already we've seen the cryogenic system, presented already from the 90's in movies as Demolition Man, and the other weeks i've seen that in Los Angeles, they've had already a big market with cryogenic systems for the Future, to invite people to get their memory stored on a card, and let's say, you'll be freezed now, and you'll get up on 2083, and here it goes, your chip stored your memory untill 2020, and from 2083, new adventure begins.

Or maybe, new shock 'cause you've missed a nice amount of years :-) and btc would be worthing 5 millions of $$$ :-))

Cool scenario, right?

Have a Blessed Day, bloggers, artists wherever you are on this Planet and enjoy some music.

Food for Soul and deep thoughts to reflect on what we used to call ... Life

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Wow man thia juat like a sifi movie story you have writen. Nice aeticle about future tevchnology. Keep it up.

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3 years ago

Is Vibravid good? I have an account there.. forgot it :0))

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3 years ago

It looks like everything "might" be good as long as you become an encrypted slave :-))))) We'll see how the Future will shape these platforms ... at this moment i feel some kind of a stuck moment even if some of those music spectrums are still developing ... anniway ... let's see ... Meanwhile, i'm trying to understand this platform :-))) as well ... I'm writing a lot during my free time, and still the new environment is actually invaded by old people with old habits from fb and other silly platforms? :-))) The era to receive everything for free is history :-)))


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3 years ago

Very interesting one! And so.. true!! :0) Keep on the good thoughts

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3 years ago

Hahaha. Yes. Anyways every nano seconds there is infinite probabilities. All of what you proposed was created already and can never be destroyed is this cosmic joke of separation of alone ness.

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3 years ago