Things you should know about money

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3 years ago

Money, and “financial freedom,” is a skill.
No one ever tells you what you should know about money when you’re young. There isn’t a class in high school, or even college, where a professor sits you down and says, “Now listen up: mastering money is no different than learning how to shoot a basketball or paint a picture. It just takes practice.”
1. There are five buckets you should focus on when it comes to building a portfolio for your finances.




Cryptocurrencies / high-risk investments

One of the first “rules of thumb” I was given was that you should, first and foremost, have three months of expenses saved up and tucked away in your savings account. So if you know you spend, say, $3,000 per month — in rent, food, transportation, etc. — then you should have at least $9,000 saved up in your bank account before you even think about playing the game of wealth accumulation and investing.

If you’re disciplined, you can achieve this goal 1–3 years out of college. It just means you might not be able to buy shots of tequila every weekend.

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This is finance seminar in deed. The points stressed here are key to financial freedom. Thanks.

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3 years ago