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3 years ago

Businesses around the world continue to adopt bitcoin cash (BCH) and in 2020 merchant acceptance continues to grow. Tallying up all the companies that accept BCH listed on business directories-websites show there’re more than 4,300 BCH supporting merchants worldwide.
For over two and a half years, BCH proponents have been relentlessly promoting merchant adoption throughout the world. According to the latest updates, the aggregate total of all merchants that accept BCH is approximately 4,392. Websites that display merchant data include, Green Pages, Anypay, and This week 53 new merchants were added.

Green Pages is a community-maintained Bitcoin Cash merchant directory, that helps you to find businesses accepting crypto payments. Just sign-up and verify your email to add, edit, and rate Bitcoin Cash accepting merchants! Anyone can do it, and businesses are added instantly!
Green Pages

At the moment, Green Pages has 1,203 BCH accepting businesses listed.

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This is a useful information regarding the merchant adoption of BCH. I hope to see the list and number grow on daily basis.

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3 years ago