As a Leader, Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource

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3 years ago

Make sure everything you do is helping
 you achieve your most important goals

Selectively pick a few things, and cut everything else. Work on only your most important things.

It’s all about knowing your market, having a great team, and finding the right fit
First, make sure you really need money.

 There are several good reasons a startup should not seek any kind of outside funding. Here are the big three:

Determine Whether You Should Raise Money

Raising money takes a ton of time, energy, and focus—and you’re better off using it to build out the idea, the product, and the company.

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The latins say:"Time flies". A person that cannot manage time will definitely lose a lot. "Vilfredo Pareto says: 20% of your time well utilized will result in 80% result".

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3 years ago