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The love of a father can only be equated to the love of God

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3 months ago

A boy is always thought to hide his pain, no matter the intensity of the pain he goes through. It is even worse with a father.

A father leaves his pain outside his doorstep so he can make his family smile. If a mother is an embodiment of love, then a father is the epitome of sacrifice.

One definition of sacrifice is giving up something temporarily good for something eternally better.

Fathers are best at this, a good father, who understands the intricacies of being a child, goes out of his way to provide for his child no matter how hard, that is sacrifice.

I know a man, who is a tailor. The kind of tailor who sews only the clothes of his days, not modern tailor.

He has six children. Two boys and four girls. I often wonder how he caters to his children.

He goes to the shop early in the morning and returns at night. Somehow they manage to eat, how through school, and dress neatly.

This man, ever-smiling and very humble.

One day during a conversation with his friend, I overheard him say that what gives him the rest of his mind is the belief that his children will be great people in society, and that is why he is always ready to sacrifice his last penny for their upkeep.

I know how seeing him make those sacrifices make me wish I had money enough to share, enough to hand him some and say "here, take it and make your children greater", I already imagine how happy he would be.

One might ask, where do bad fathers come from then? Who are the fathers who are not sacrificial and loving?

Well, how a person grows up matters a lot. It is usually difficult for someone who has not had love to give love.

A lot of fathers were not raised with love, attention, or care. But deep down, a father's love for his child cannot be quantified, neither can it be underestimated.

Understanding a father can be very difficult sometimes as their actions sometimes usually betray their true intentions towards their children.

They tend to see the future with the exactitude of a Jewish prophet and try to position things so they fall in place, they do this with the best intentions, so their children can live a near-perfect and comfortable life.

We may not all agree with their methods, the love of a father can only be equated to the love of God, and God does things as he pleases but with good intentions.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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With my father I feel protected. Father is like a protective shield , like a shady try who face all the troubles by himself and never let their offspring to face these troubles of life.

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2 months ago

I agree. Even if I grow without having a father, I know that their live for their children is unfathomable and very unconditional just like how God loves us ❤

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3 months ago