Love Is The Essence

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So many people get the word "Love" twisted at times. What do these four-lettered words mean?

So many interpretations about this same word that bears a lot of meaning and come with a whole lot of responsibilities.

I don't know what your perspectives about love are., Because we interpret love differently. But what I can say is, love;

_ is more than a mere feeling.

The word "I love you"., Becomes so baseless when actions aren't accompanied with it to prove its potency.

Love is deeper than the eyes meet.

It's more than a mere feeling of attraction.

Love is a special kind of feeling. And this feeling isn't a rare one. Because it enables you to do something instead of how you feel about it. Love is, doing something for the good of another. Even if you aren't comfortable with it.

Love is fighting for the good of others, even when they don't see/seem not to see or appreciate it.

Apart from being the intense attraction felt between two souls, which makes them inseparable.

_Love tolerates

_Love builds.

_Love appreciates

_Love heals.

_Love understands.

_Love secures.

_Love helps.

_Love protects.

_Love is sacrificial.

_Love takes risks.

_Love fulfils

_Love completes a person.

These and lots more are what love is. They are the basic features of love.

Love is cheap, but still hard to be sold.

(Quickly analyse that).

This means that., Love isn't so hard to buttress when genuine, but it becomes so hard in this out dispensation because there is a whole lot of ingenuity, hate, pretence, and Fake lifestyles and identities.

And for this reason, so many people feel and believes love doesn't exist, or love is a scam.

Don't ever let those who love didn't work out for them, simply because they chose to follow the wrong part., To deceive you into thinking it doesn't exist.

It does exist!

Love is real!

They tasted it too but were never able to manage it and grow it. So they dropped love., And now don't even want you to love, feel loved and give love.

Such wickedness!

It's heartbreaking how we all live in a world full of hate and consideration for others.

It's pathetic how people give up on love easily., Because of happenings around.

It's bad how people go to the extent of faking love for years.

A man who can fake love pretentiously., Can kill!

Love is, has, and will always be the best thing to happen to someone.

Love is the only tool for an effective change in a man's life.

Love is the only remedy for all pains, heartbreaks, scars, betrayals and lots more.

Of cause, they say time heals all wounds. It takes love to make that faster for anyone. It takes love for them to be made whole again even after being healed of their scare.

It's only love that can reassure you when you feel you have lost everything.

Ohh., I remember a book I read during summertime this year.

This book centred on love, the importance of it and what it could do.

I saw lives transformed. I know you are wondering how "I saw", when it was a mere book "I read", as you will always say.

But., It was a true-life story. As I read it, it felt so real to me.


The girl in question., A university student, who went for a night class, got raped by some hoodlums and beaten almost to death. She survived it as some students noticed, voiced out and called the ambulance. And that's how she was able to get to the hospital and was nursed back to health.

Before this ugly incident happened., Anna was a virgin and was already engaged to Tony. I'm sure you know what her being raped meant to her, her fiance and her relationship.

She lost her priceless treasure, which both she and her fiance helped preserve, unwillingly to hoodlums. How painful!

Well, Anna felt so bad about herself. She had made the worst mistake of her life and Tony would never forgive her. She wasn't Worthy enough for him. She was a spoilt vine, and she didn't want to get his wine bitter.

But you know what happened., Tony was never angry at her for any day. He never judged her negatively, didn't even think of breaking up with her, even when she insisted.

Instead, he loved her even more and reminded her of the goals and dreams they were to accomplish together.

He proved his love for her even more.

Gave her emotional strength, and assistance.

Helped her to get back to health.

Was always by her side.

Reassuring her of how amazing life is, and that life hasn't ended yet.

He did so many other things I can't even recall., And eventually married her. But the bottom line is., Love made him do all that he did.

Real love Did!

I bet you., Hardly you see any man willing to do all these without attributing blames to the poor lady.

But no! Tony understood that rape victims aren't always the indecently dressed ladies., But even well-dressed ladies could fall, victims, most times.

What Anna needed at this moment, was emotional support and not blame. Her world was already messed up to her. She was gradually losing her mind, going insane!

Tony gave her all the support she needed., Her family did so too, her friends did so too., Her local church showed her love and counselled her too.

With all these in play., Anna soon got herself back. She soon regained her emotional sanity and kept living her life. But It didn't stop there., She kept showing love because she too is a product of it.

She met a secondary school girl, who was pregnant for her teenage boyfriend too.

The girl had just her mom alive, and 3 other siblings. Her mom www is barely able to care for both their feeding, clothing and education all by herself. And here was she (rose)., Pregnant with a child. Where was the money to take care of 3 children, a pregnant first daughter and a baby when eventually born?

She told her to abort it, as her boyfriend couldn't take responsibility for it yet. But guess what?

Anna found her., Took her in, nursed her till she gave birth, send her to complete her schooling, while Anna took care of her baby.

The baby was disfigured., She had no limbs, so she couldn't walk. She was to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life. But still., Anna nursed her till teenage- hood, showing her so much love that Rose's baby couldn't help but be grateful for the kind of family she found herself in. She wasn't discriminated against in society because of her disfigurement. Everyone loved her so much. As if it wasn't enough., Her biological dad (Rose's boyfriend back then in school) came back to her and took the responsibility for her together with her mom Rose. Any family would have rejected a disfigured child, just as Rose's mum had suggested an abortion earlier, stating the fact that there wasn't money enough to care for all of them., More or less a disfigured child.

But., There is nothing Real and sincere love cannot do.

And this made Anna set up a child care facility., For motherless babies, disfigured and rejected children. There, she trained them and showed them so much that was able to make them realise that even with a disfigurement., They were still special and deserved to be loved.

Remember., Anna doing this, as a result of the love her now-husband, mom, friends, and church and so many others showed her. So she had to reciprocate it.

This story isn't fictitious it happened in reality. It portrays how much healing love can bring about.

How love can change the perspectives of things and people.

How love can bring about a new YOU.

Love is real and we all should be victims of it.

If you don't believe in love., I bet you have to start believing it's real because it is!

Our living on is a product of love.

Love is the greatest in this world, nothing else beats it.

Love is never proud,

Love is understanding.

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I put it to you that, love and lots more Positive virtues are all we need to live comfortably in this world.

Just imagine the earth without hate. It could be likened to paradise itself. because everyone got each other's back. No hate, no backbiting, no jealousy.

Keep spreading the love today., So many individuals never had the opportunity to be loved, so many people lack love in their lives.

So instead of spreading hate, critics, and more critics and other negative vices.

Spread love!

Start loving others now!

In life., Love is the ESSENCE of living.

@Ebizz signed out!

5 Oct. 2021, All right reserved.

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2 years ago
Topics: Love, Life, Living


Sin amor no somos nada es como andar por la vida y sentir que algo nos falta. Hoy día ya no se vive tanto para amor y el amor. Todo esto se ha perdido. Pero es tan reconfortante cuando lo vivimos y tenemos.

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2 years ago

Hoy en día se ha perdido el valor y significado de esta palabra ya nadie ama como antes de hecho todos lo toman como cualquier significado, cuando está es el valor de todo por amor somos capaces de muchas cosas hacemos hasta lo imposible cuando de verdad lo sentimos la palabra amor .. amor a nuestros hijos a la familia al trabajo entre muchas otras !

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2 years ago

and no matter what the question is, love is the answer!

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2 years ago

exactly love is the reason why we live , thanks for reading , it means a lot to me

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2 years ago

Love is undefine, because no one can give love exact definition. Each and everyone definition it according their understand. Love started with Joy and ended up with dropped of tears. The beginning of love is Joy, but the end of it, is bitter.

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2 years ago

real love and the real purpose of love cant end up bitter unless the purpose has not been real from the start or is with a wrong person

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2 years ago

What is the need for hatred when there is love, love is so beautiful and when it enters your life, you will wish for it to never go.

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2 years ago

you said it all the feeling is just amazing

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2 years ago

There is no happiness without love. Love is the main motivation and inspiration for everything that we do in our life.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Exactly! Love is the reason for living. Thanks for reading it means a lot to me

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2 years ago