Journey to Perilous Lands

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Ken and his 3 friends, had been walking tirelessly for days., Without any cave insight. On several occasions, they had escaped death by always working tirelessly as a team.

The more days passed, the sooner the boys got tired.

"We can't continue like this", Peniel had told the rest unapologetically. But we have to because we certainly don't have a choice of our own. Wilson had added.

"How do you mean we don't have a choice of our own, I mean, we could just run away from here and never return. Peniel returned back curtly.

"Did you say run away? Peniel. How on earth could we do such. We probably would lose our lives in the process and wouldn't even gain the freedom we are all fighting for", Wilson had said.

" Ohh yeah, haven't we risked our lives enough, looking for some certain ancient cave for KORA, how many times are we sure of escaping death till will find this cave. Even when we do, what are our chances of returning back alive? Ohh, wow!

Do you really think that the cave of ZAHARAT was just some random kind of cave that we could just go in and out taking hold of whatever we wanted, without fighting or struggling? Peniel said becoming emotionally hurt. That cave is highly protected by spirits, demons, beasts. I can't even tell what kind of creatures we are going to see there. Taking hold of that goddamn medallion is something we would never do. Even if we had a thousand more lives to live, we would end up risking and losing everything, while gaining nothing in return.

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At this point, just as expected., Wilson had become silent. He was trying to analyze the whole thing Peniel just let out to him. Ken, on the other hand, had been silently perusing through the old maps Kora had given them.

Guys! Come and see this.

The three sat on the ground around the pike of maps, as ken pointed to them secret and safer routes they could take to get to the cave easily. Well, there wasn't any routes void of dangerous or terrific creatures., So they had to get their minds ready for what was about to happen.

"We could do this guy's", ken spoke confidently, with eyes and face, lit with so much confidence, to the other boys that fear was getting a hold of.

Without waiting for any further responses from the boys, he stood up, packed the many maps into the knapsack he had come with.

"Peniel" !! , he called out. Take the route behind Marshmallow and green-de"Ville., " Wilson"!!, Take routes from Agent Kutifre's tent, down to Bathadox.

While I would take from Downswing up till Asprin.

Once we have reached our destinations., They're narrow lanes by the left of Green-d, "Ville, Bathadox, and Asprin. Leading to the Great perilous lands. That's where we will all meet. And that's the final boundary separating this world, from the world of the ancient caves.

See boys., We really have to stay strong., For our families, our children. And for Kora. At this, Wilson had broken down sober as he hugged Ken and Peniel. They had been childhood friends, and here they are, not even sure they were going to make it to the perilous lands, or even survive in an attempt to cross it.

"Alright., Promise me you will be back, Peniel had asked them both, with a wired kind of stare., For the kids? He added.

At that, the triple had a bit of chuckling, said some prayers, and embarked on their journey, taking their separate routes.

I'm sure three of them, had different stories to tell, how they battled with unforeseen creatures from the underworld.

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Days had passed, and Peniel had run out of food. He strayed out of the actual lane he was meant to follow, just to see if he could get fruit, or some fruits to sustain him till he reached green-de"Ville. While brushing his soft skin on the thorns in the thick forest, he had matched a button tied down to the ground. And that had caused the ground to open up and he fell into a deep pit, and landed with his back while facing the opening are the far tip of the well. It was such a height. Little did he know it was full of snakes. Just then a snake hissed and got him taken off balance. He hurriedly stood up trying to take himself to safety, as he grasp something that looked like a staff, and kept striking them while he made his way to the top of the well, scrawling as fast as he could.

Wilson had seen something worse. On the third night of his journey, he had set to camp and set up his fire, when he heard strange noises and sounds like that of dead souls, so fierce and terrific. At first, he had thought people were being killed somewhere close by, but he was wrong.

That was the DRACA from the shores of the underworld. He stood up, brushed his butt, and made his way carefully following the fierce sounds.

Just like a ghost, the DRACA had appeared right in his face and was trying to choke him. He fell to the ground (on his chest ) and crawled back to where he had set his fire. Just as he thought, the DRACA had disappeared. Ohh wow! He exclaimed a little bit louder. If the fire was capable of chasing away the DRACA, then he would have to destroy it with fire. He went to his old dusty books and searched for the terrific creature. Flipping 2/3 pages, and there was it "DRACA" boldly written. He adjusted and sat comfortably on the ground while reading through. The DRACA was an ancient creature from the shores of KIMBALL, the king who was defeated by SATUN, which now ruled the caves. DRACA was used amongst other creatures in the last war, and together with others were exiled as a result of the fall of KIMBALL.

It was a fierce fight, as Wilson battled every night with the DRACA, till he managed to escape death finally.

Ken on the other hand met face to face with death. He was the most tormented. He had several hand fists with LEGION, the grand commander of the army of terrific creatures. He had his arms broken twice, was chased by a thousand wolves, blood-thirsty cannibals that tried to use him as a rite for their victory charge against the PERBLES. A Pheonix bird had helped him several times., For each time he had predicaments, the Pheonix was seen up in the sky around him, and just as expected, he would defeat them. But still wasn't left without injuries.

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I guess the prayers and guidance from their clan, actually stood tall for them, because they made it to the perilous lands, undefeated.

Standing tall on the hill, they could sight the cave of ZAHARAT. At this point, the unpredictable happened. Peniel and Wilson already backed out., Saying they couldn't continue with the shit quest. "I have a family to take care of ", "I wouldn't risk my life in something that isn't worth fighting for " both of them had said respectively.

" It's our freedom we are fighting for man!, Do you rather prefer us being in bondage by SATUN, who controls the world right from this end., Think guys! We can make this happen, yes we can!

Well, It was already too late as their minds were made up. Disappointed Ken, set out to journey on his own, all by himself.

He summoned courage and stepped into the cave as the others canoed and waited for his return. Days has passed, and Ken was still inside, unsuccessful. Peniel and Wilson had long waited and thought they had lost Ken to demonic SATUN. So they had to leave back to their clan. But on second thought., They had run away to a neighborhood, miles away from their clan, and it was assumed they all died.

Meanwhile, Ken defeated SATUN, took the medallion, and sent it to his clan through the pheonix bird. He wore SATUN's crown, and the demon possessed him with power beyond what the mouth can say. He lost his soul to the underworld. He lost "Ken", but regained the medallion and freedom for his people.

What a journey to embark on. At this, grandpa concluded telling the kids the story.

David and Eva, who had been listening all this while, felt content and thanked grandpa profusely, while their mom came and took them home.

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"Mom we really enjoyed grandpa's story." The two had echoed.

You know what kids., Their mom started., Grandpa is the hero of the story he told you about. Grandpa was Ken. At this, the kids were too elated. They had sat and listened for hours to the man that made their freedom from SATUN possible.

Wow!! , But I thought he lost himself to the devil" David asked.

Yes, he did, and he regained himself too. He locked lucifer in the underworld and hid the key to date. Such an act of bravery.

Long-life Legend Ken!


thanks for reading see you in the next one

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