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Child Labour

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Introduction :

Children are the future of the country and the nation. Today's children will one day grow up and take charge of society. That is why the child should be given the opportunity to become a worthy citizen in the greater interest of the nation. In the developed world, therefore, there are various care arrangements for the welfare and development of children. But due to illiteracy and poverty in our country most of the children are not given proper care. Rather they are out at the beginning of life looking for a livelihood. To be engaged is risky labor. Child labour has therefore become very common in this country. But no one thinks about the catastrophic future consequences of children engaged in child labor.

The Nature Of Child Labour :

Children from economically disadvantaged families have to focus on earning from an early age. In the pursuit of livelihood, they have to go in search of work to satisfy their hunger. Poor families cannot afford to feed their children properly due to having more children. Due to the financial difficulties of the parents, the children are forced to work at an early age. Children work in any job for as little wages as possible. Child labor is quite widespread. There is no such thing as a housework that is not done with children, starting from risky work like housework, hotel cleaning, gas welding, Garage Car Repair, Sewer Drainage, Brick Breaking, Stone Breaking. There is a kind of dishonest people who kidnap children in various ways and smuggle them abroad. Abroad, those children are used for various risky jobs, including camel jockeys. Children are engaged in hard work due to hunger, poverty and economic hardship.

Child Labour And International Law :

Child rights are considered a fundamental right in every country in the world. The UN Charter sets out policies on child rights. As a member state of the United Nations, Bangladesh is a signatory to this Charter. Therefore, the state has given special importance to the development and safety of children in the country. Under the rights of the child, all persons below the age of eighteen years are considered as children. The Child Rights Act makes it clear that risky work economically exploits children and leads to uncertainty. Protect children from the dangers that will hinder their social development. Children must be protected from all forms of harassment and abuse. The child's right to education must be recognized.War is raging in many parts of the world. And children are the most affected in these wars. The five basic rights of the child are limited to the declaration only. The future of the child is built on apathy. Thousands of children in our country are spending their days in uncertainty.

Some Steps To Stop Child Labour :

About 44% of the population lives below the poverty line. The financially strapped children of the family are being engaged in labor. The high birth rate in poor families is one of the reasons for child labor. The Bangladesh government has taken some limited steps to prevent child labor -

  • Formulation of food programs in exchange for education for children

  • Introducing free education up to SSC for girls

  • Provide compulsory primary education and free educational materials

  • Preparation and implementation of stipend activities

  • To create educational opportunities for child laborers in the garment industry

Some more steps can be taken alongside these policies of the government

  • Along with the government, e can come forward with formal and non-formal educational activities. Street children and neglected children should be involved in this situation.

  • Technical education should be given special status in order to spread technical vocational education.

  • Children should be restrained from risky work. Monitoring system should be introduced in the Ministry of Children in this regard.

  • We need to raise public awareness about the harmful aspects of children. For this, the media including newspapers should be used.

  • Child trafficking must be prevented with a firm hand. Child traffickers must be severely punished.

  • We need to consider whether poor children can be included in the poverty alleviation program.

  • The basic rights of poor children must be ensured by others, sitting, medical, shelter. The issue of child rights should be given special importance.

  • Child abuse must stop. Special emphasis needs to be given on public awareness in this regard.

Conclusion :

Child labour covers a large part of the labor market in Bangladesh. It is not possible to suddenly stop or ban child labour. For this we have to take practical steps. It is necessary to see before banning child labour, why children are forced to give labour. The reasons for this need to be identified and child labor needs to be reduced through practical programs. Bangladesh is a signatory to the UN Charter. As such, the government has to take such appropriate initiatives, Similarly, people need to be informed about the future consequences and harmful aspects of child labor. Only then it is possible to prevent child labour in Bangladesh.

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Written by   442
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Child labour be always given a notice by governments to avoid this kind of situation in different.countries, children and kids must be in their comfort as stated in their age and not doing some adulthood job or work,it may cause an damage emotionally and physically not able to protect their rights in a community.We should think about that.

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