Microbiology of refrigated meat

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Meat animals carry large number of micro organism on the outer surface of the body and in the elimentry tract. Only of few types of bacteria directly effects on the safety and quality of the finished carcass. Particular concern are food borne pathogen such as clostridium perfringens,,Ecoli,,and yersinia.

In gernal the presence of small number of pathogens is not a problem because meat is normally cooked before consumption adequate cooking reduce the number of pathogenic organism present on meat.

Refrigeration is process which remove heat. Purpose of refrigeration is to reduce or stop growth of the pathogen so they donot reach level that could causes problem. Growth of spoilage organism limit the shelf life of meat. Spoilage bacteria od meat stored in air under condition include species of pseudomonas salmonella clostridial.

Refrigeration helps to lowering the temperature, which reduce the bacterial growth nd increase shelf life..,

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Great know about meat this much , great information Doctor.

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