Food borne disease

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Dangers of food borne disease

Individual :

Loss of family income

Medical expenses

Cost of special dietary needs

Death or funeral expense

Establishment :

Loss of customers and sales

Increase insurance premiums

Lowered employee morale

Increase employee turn over


1. Food borne infection: caused due to the-

=Entrance of pathogenic microorganisms contaminating food into the body.

=Body reacts by raising temperature e.g.- fever

=Longer incubation period.

2. Food borne intoxications: Caused by consumption of food containing bio-

toxicants, metabolic products, poisonous substances.

  • Main causes of food borne disease

  • Cross Contamination - occurs when microorganisms are transferred from

one surface or food to another.

  • Time temperature abuse– Happens when the food is exposed to

Temperature Danger Zone (41⁰F - 140⁰F) for more than 4 hrs.

  • Poor personnel hygiene– Food handlers are carriers of disease causing

  • bacteria. Food service personnel can contaminate food

  • Types of Food Contaminants

  • Biological Contaminants: A microbial contaminant that may cause a food borne

illness (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, biological toxins)

Examples: Sea food toxins ,Mushroom toxins

  • Chemical Contaminant :A chemical substance that can cause food borne

illness. Substances normally found in restaurant

Examples: Toxic metals, Pesticides

  • Physical Contaminants: Any foreign object that accidentally find its

way into food

Examples: Hair, Staple wire, Dust

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Topics: Health, Food, Animals