Concepts abouts food

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Basic concepts

  • Food.

Any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism

Food safety

Food safety refers to controlling all those hazards, whether chronic or acute, that may make food injurious to consumer health It is not negotiable

  • Food Quality.

Food quality includes attributes that can influence product's value to consumer

This includes negative attributes such as spoilage, contamination with microbes discoloration, off-odors

Positive attributes such as origin, color, favor, taxture and processing method

  • Food Control.

"A mandatory regulatory activity of enforcement by national or local authorities to provide consumer protection and ensure that all foods during production, handling, storage, processing and distribution are safe, wholesome and fit for human consumption, conform to safety and quality requirements, and are honestly and accurately labelled as prescribed by law

  • Food hygiene.

"All conditions and measures necessary to ensure safety and suitability of food at all stages of the food chain"

• Food Surveillance.

"The continuous monitoring of food supply to ensure consumers are not exposed to components in foods, such as chemical contaminants or biological hazards, which pase risk to human health

Food laws and regulations 

• To ensure safety and suitability of food for consumers

• Food laws govern food quality and composition for differe food products

• To meet import/export requirements to improve trade

. To meet country's sanitary and phytosanitary requirement food must comply with the local laws and regulations to a market access

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Great to know about Food Controls .

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