Domestic violence: are women to be blamed for pushing men too far? Read here

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Why push MEN?

I Am not a fan of domestic violence and never will and I join a million voices worldwide in saying NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE but why treat the symptoms while neglecting the disease. Men are created with a huge ego and the system or society we find ourselves in actually laughs at men with little or no ego yet the frown when men act on their ego. Ladies enjoy playing with fire expecting not to get burnt, it’s weird psychology I have not yet understood. I will tell you a story.

At my former compound, there is this very girl who enjoys getting on my nerves. So on this faithful day, I fetched a bucket of water from the tap, went out to grab something only to come back, and discover this girl had overturned my water into her bucket. I asked her why she did such and she just hissed and whispered why can't I help a lady. Well, I smiled, fetched another, and lo and behold this same girl came and overturned my water into her bucket. I became furious and turned it back into my bucket and warned her. She came straight to my face and gave me the insult of my life and you know the words that stood out ‘what will you do to me’… she kept saying those words I felt so powerless because I could not do anything, why? Society is going to tag me as a girl beater. In the course of the quarrel the water poured, I diligently walked away, fetched my bucket of water and was about to leave… this girl took my bucket, threw the water out and kept screaming ‘stupid boy, what can you do, nonsense and typhoid’. I became so furious I raised my face to slap her but restrained myself. By then people were already looking at us. I picked up my bucket, kept on the tap, and was about to fetch water when this girl threw my bucket away and was about to scream ‘what will you…’ I swear this was not me again as my instinct took over me and I landed her a dirty slap that sent her flying like superman, it wasn’t still enough as I followed her and landed her two more slaps. She started crying and screaming I must kill her today… that day nobody asked what happened, everybody called me a girl beater, society defended her, why will you hit a girl they said, I gave up explaining and then received the beating of my life. I regretted slapping her actually and vowed never to hit a woman no matter what, I had learned the hard way that some women are crazy… she pushed me to my limit.

Why push men I keep asking, why dare them?? I know of a couple who had a misunderstanding and the man gently left his own house for the woman, you know what this woman did? she followed this innocent man outside, tied her wrapper around her waists, and started calling him names in front of neighbors “useless man, idiot, touch me and see, nonsense and yellow fever”, but the man knew better, he ignored her and kept going his way, this woman now held him by his shirt and said he is not going anywhere that he must mad to walk out on her, the man angrily pushed her to the ground and she fell and bruised herself, that was when neighbors ran, started taking pictures of her injury and the woman kept screaming ‘you must kill me today oh’. oh of course the media buried this man with hate speech and called him a wife-beater… why push men.

I know of another man who came back home and asked his wife why she had not cooked and she said she does not have the strength to (maybe she read a feminist post and misunderstood what it was talking about). Well shocked, this young man went into the kitchen, prepared his meal, after preparing, he went to take his bath only for him to come out and discover the lady had thrown away the food insisting he had no right to treat her like that (silent treatment)… this young man walked out, went to buy food outside only to come back and discover she had locked him outside. He knocked and knocked and knocked and she refused to open. He should know the kinda anger that made him break his door and went straight to beat his wife but on reaching where she was he remembered that she was his wife and warned her seriously. Well, this woman tied the wrapper and swore the man must kill her oh. Why would he be talking to her like that, besides they are equal ‘nonsense and bacterial infection’, so he pummeled her. Nobody asked what happened, called him a wife-beater, and say no to domestic violence campaign continues….

Men endure a lot at work, from society and people who would at every turn want to destroy them and when they come home instead of to seek peace, instead they come home to a ‘trouble-seeking’ wife and you feel they won't lose their temper? Why push men? The fact that men are not supposed to hit women doesn’t mean women should rub it at their face… look at school fights, a girl that the boy will blow just once and she will die will be screaming what will you do, throwing all kinda insults?? Why push men...

And I know that some deranged men beat women for no reason and such men should be locked up and beaten to a pulp, they exist but I tell you, 90% of domestic violence cases have women to blame… let us treat the disease. Women don’t push men, nobody is asking you to be weak, respect men, and watch what you say… society asks questions before you tag a man wife-beater…

And most importantly men, please and please never beat a woman, trust me it's not worth it at all, if it's too much walk away, and if they follow you, just like the bible said and joseph did flee, I didn’t say run or, flee... it's not worth it.. women, don’t push men.

I pray we don’t forget the face of our fathers.

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