A memorable trip to northern areas of Pakistan!!!

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Last April, we went to northern areas of Pakistan to see the beauty and nature of Pakistan it was indeed a memorable trip to naran ,kaghan, siri paye, nathia gali amd back to islamabad

Day 1

We set off from Peshawar in our college bus and two buses were arranged for us we went first to abbotabad and when we reached there we ate food in the nearest shops to the place where we were staying

we ate pizza there and at night time we ate biscuits and tea and we friends played ludo with each other it was very fun

Our dinner
Fun with friends
Ludo game

Day 2

on day 2 we set off for naran, kaghan and siri paye it was a very thrilling day because of the risky and bumpy roads to siri paye but the destination was as beautiful as heaven and clouds touched the ground and it was too misty and foggy there and cold breeze was too relaxing for minds

Siri paye was at too peak so we hired a jeep to go there which was very risky as well as thrilling but when we cane back to from where we started there was a waterfall in which restaurant was built where we ate chicken tikka with naan and did horse riding and made a lot of videos and photos

Then after spending 5 hours there we went back to Abbotabad and after doing dinner headed back to the place we were staying at

Day 3

on day e in morning it rained heavy and the scenery was quite mesmerising

When the rain stopped we headed to nathia gali where we did hiking on pipe line track to ayubia and then we did shopping there and then we headed to donga gali and then from there we headed to murree and then islamabad where we did dinner at centaurus mall and back to Peshawar at 1am in the morning

Night view murree
Kaghan valley
Centaurus Mall Islamabad
Dinner at Islamabad

This is my own personal experience, Pictures belong to me, Not plagiarised

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