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Let Us Wish,"Eid Mubarak" by Gifting Eidi in BCH

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2 months ago

Date: Tue, May 3

In different religions people celebrate different events either on start or in the end of year. Same trend is followed by follower of Islam also. As I mentioned in title, this article is purely dedicated to Muslim Ummah and I wrote it to describe importance of Eid and BCH linkage. After reading my article, you will be able to know following facts.

  • What is Ramdan?

  • Why Muslims Celebrate Eid ul Fiter?

  • My Routine and Enjoyment on Eid

  • BCH can Make Eidi for everyone in the Whole World

  • Summary


What is Ramdan?

Ramdan is 6th Lunar Month according to Islamic History. In this month, Muslims fast for about 29 0r 30 days depending on reappearance of Moon at the end of month. I also fasted for 30 days and prayed every day to Allah for whole world. It didn't matter we belong to any religion but we kinda pray and gather for unity and peace. At the end of month of Ramdan, we say thank to Allah Almighty for blessing us auspicious month of Ramdan and all His blessing. Science has researched when we fasted for specific time interval our stomach become more active with other vital organs. So fasting is not common by Muslims only. But this sacred month is blessed to Muslims by God.


Why Muslims Celebrate Eid Ul Fiter?

As I mentioned above after fasting in whole month of Ramadan, Muslims thank to Allah and celebrate Eid Ul Fiter. This event gives us message of kindness, love, sympathy, affection and feeling of help for needy.

So God blessed this day to us for joy and happiness. I always like to spend this day by providing a feast for poor students. Especially I invited them and cooked special dishes like Karahi, Tikka, BBQ and Shahi Dish etc. These all are my favorites. In the end, this all event give us message for humanity and ramdan give us feelings of hunger and thirst to others. So if you didn't idea of hunger or thirst for someone leaving in Desert or near ocean crying of thirst and hunger then fast for a day. I believe you feel the pain for him/her.

Eid card for wishing to All Muslims


My Routine and Enjoyment on Eid Day

I usually woke up on morning at 5:00 AM and I offered prayer. After saying prayer, came back to home and press my clothes. I also started cooking of sweet dish. As sweet dish eating has wonder before prayer of Eid. Then I offered Eid prayer. We embrace to each other there and wishes with words of love and Kindness. When we return back family dishes are waiting for all of us. It included Chicken meat, beef, mutton and bread with butter. We ate with relish and make a great gossip with each other. During these moments, our parents gave us Eidi for our pocket lol. After second time, we plan a picnic with family outside a river or hotel or park on which majority of members agreed. This is how my routine day spent on Eid.

Eid with new born BCH lovers lol


BCH can make Eidi in Whole World

Flow of money is stopped due to corrupt banking system. Because banks are closed in holiday. Moreover we have to pay a lot Tax, fine and charges whenever we make a transaction. So I mostly preferred to send and receive Eidi in BCH. With little transaction fee, I can send my money either someone is in China or in Gulf Countries(west part of the world) can receive Eidi in no time. Even on I made post about this and tipped to many members through BCH and they received my small amount of Eidi through my wallet in no time. This is how a real money works and make us owner of our money.

Even I want to wind up banking system in my country and BCH is good solution for sending money in whole world without any assistance. I love to send Eidi even in sBCH to specific people near to my heart.

With BCH, you just need to trace people who are needy or yours relative. Just you need a mathematical caliberated code to send money to him. Even I send money to many of my friends with little transaction fee. Here are some transaction that I made for my friends.

Even you can send me Eidi here. Thanks for tipping and reading my article.

Eidi Exchange between different Parts of the world



Eid is day for affection and kindness to poor people. After Ramdan, Muslim celebrate this day. I also have special program on this day.

BCH is good money to send Eidi in whole world without differentiation of Poor and rich. Moreover there is no need of any government or assistance to help for sending money. You need a non-custodial wallet to transfer money and you are helping the whole world with this.

Thanks to @btcfork who is my one and best sponsor here.

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Written by   48
2 months ago
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That's what I like about crypto especially BCH for we can do so much more with it. Cheers!

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2 months ago

BCH eidi will be top trend for all. Believe me when you send eidi through Bank system it needed a lot of time but through BCH you need no time just a click required.

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1 month ago

Agreed. It's easier and lesser fees too.

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1 month ago

Hello Eid Mubarak to you and your family members and friends. Enjoy your eid special moment.

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2 months ago

Thank you for wishing me Eid Mubarak. I have same feelings for you.

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1 month ago