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Hate COVID Not Humanity

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3 months ago

Before COVID life was so fast. Everywhere there were celebrations, functions, and parties. It was at the end of 2019 When COVID land on the land of humanity. It changes all the lifestyles in the world. People started to die with fear of COVID but not COVID. Their angle of thinking has changed. The man changed the definition of humanity. One started to save oneself without considering others die with thirst or hunger. Poor souls that were already dying of hunger and entrapped in the desert of poverty started to cry, weep and pray to God for help. Land which was land of happiness for everyone changed into the land of sadness and sorrows. It was kinda Unbelievable for me also when I visited a hospital where I observe a scene. A father with COVID was dying and his son didn't want to go near him for any sort of help. Even he died in calling of his beloved son. O Covid! O World! O Humanity are you gone from this Planet. Today I have sensational feelings that are crying with pain and pain. I want to write and put a very good example for readers. Please take it and read it seriously," Hate COVID Not Humanity" with the following outcomes.

  • 1)COVID-Ghost entered my Room

  • 2)COVID Symptoms that I observed and What A man should do in this case?

  • 3) Strategies You should adopt if You are infected with COVID.

  • 4) Strategies For Government and States

  • 5)Summary of the Whole Article

  • 6) Plagiarism-Checker is COVID free

#COVID-Ghost entered My Room

It was about 1:00 PM When I found my Roommate, Dr.Talha, crying in pain, coughing, sneezing, and a runhavingmyymy nose. I awoke with the voice. Suddenly he turned his back toward the wall to for hiding the condition. I asked Talha," Is there anything wrong doctor?". He replied to me, "No dear! have a good sleep". I pretended to sleep and just cover the blanket. Suddenly his sound of difficult breathing became very prominent and I stood on my legs. I asked," Talha tell me What happens to your health?". He responded, "Doctor you know my yesterday was in COVID ward. And I think I have COVID symptoms. I was not describing the condition in fear you would not leave me alone". My eyes cried with these words and have tears. I pampered talha with these words," I welcomed COVID-Ghost in my room. I kinda don't leave you alone in this condition".As I have Scientific Knowledge about COVID. A patient with the Psychological problem of COVID died at a faster rate than a weak immune person. COVID patients need special nursing. For this, I shall recommend you following video How can you save your friend and Family from COVID Psychological problems.

#COVID Symptoms that I observed and Strategies I adopted:

I observed the following symptoms in Dr.Talha.

  • Difficult Breathing

  • Sneezing

  • Cough

  • Flue

  • Pain in the Whole body

  • No taste

  • No smell

  • Fever

Why do these symptoms appear in different periods?

For this answer, I want to share with you a beautiful video where you can observe how it affects different systems and signs appeared.

These are tentative markers of COVID. So we should adopt strategies.

  • 1)At the spot provide the Patient with Analgesic (Pain killer) And Antipyretic (Temperature

  • lower drug).

  • 2) Give the Patient Steam after every 2-3 hours based on condition.

  • 3)Put the mask on your face and the Patient face.

  • 4) Give multivitamins.

  • 5) Arrange an embolization machine

  • 6) Arrange Oxygen Cylinder.


Quarantine the patient with strategies of good care and look after him/her with your protection. I Quarantine myself with Talha and wrote an application for sick leave to the Administration. I called the ambulance center for Oxygen Cylinder. I arranged breakfast for him. I give him Bread, cakes, Amulets with tea. These are something that I can do according to my research. As I know we should love the patient not COVID.

#Stratigies Governments and States Should adopted

I am kinda angry with management and the strategies they are adopting. From their plans, I have thought like the world doesn't want to take control of COVID. Their Strategies are too slow to compete with COVID. Its spreading ratio is more in the world than the world COVID testing Program. For the help and to spread good Knowledge as I am a doctor and I know a lot How to prevent the spreading of COVID. I am not bragging and I am 100% sure If any government adopted my Strategies then it will take control over COVID in no time.

#Test the Sanitary Water 1st before human-test

Why I recommended a Sanitary test 1st when COVID is active in Humans?. Let us Talk Scientifically, COVID Virus can spread through saliva, blood, and urine. It is too easy to test Sanitary water of Sanitary wells in a city rather than test individually. I think it is the best option for Government.

#First Make COVID free zones and Shut down indoor and outdoor traffic there

With the help of the Sanitary water test Report, make the COVID-free zones in which the Sanitary water test was -ve. After this provide as many edibles to people living there as they required for living. Then apply shut and down policies for indoor and outdoor movements. In this way, we were on a more secure side rather than we give the people thinking How to hate a COVID patient?.

#Vaccinate the people where the COVID ratio is more than 40%.

It is nice planning if vaccination is the last option, then vaccinate all with a good plan. Not blind vaccination save us. Vaccinate first to that region where COVID morbidity is high. Any vaccine can give you immunity so don't spread strictness about the Administration of one vaccine.

Vaccinate patients with Smile

#Adminester Plasma of COVID recovered Patients

We should make aware of the blood donating society. They shall educate the people and students about donating Plasma to secure the COVID Patients as much as we can. I bet if the Plasma transfer level increased in COVID patients then the mortality rate can be decreased exponentially.

The above three strategies are the backbone of all plannings and control systems. If any government or state implement it, then I can be sure its land will be free of COVID. We shall be able to reduce the fear of COVID that is an enzyme in immunity-reducing factors. We have to make strong the people's mentally and Emotionally. We should spread awareness about Love To patients and hate to COVID

#Summary of the Whole Article

I always emphasized on right policies and the right vision. I make long stories into short. When you find a COVID don't leave him alone for easy prey to COVID and death. We should put our maximum efforts to save the lives of golden humanity. Hate and fear kill humanity at a faster ratio than COVID did. I planned a route map of Strategies that are also adopted by our Government and want this best plan would be shared with all. Feel free to inquire about anything you want, anything you advise, and any suggestion for my improvement. Hate is not the solution to the Scattered world. Love is the Best Solution to immune the world and its people. Long live read. cash.

#Plagiarism Checker is COVID free

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Written by   35
3 months ago
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Thank you for the reminder and for your effort in fighting this war against covid. We really should be careful out there. I hope and pray all those affected with recover from the virus.

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3 months ago

We should pray as well as follow SOPs not hate COVID patients. Between thank you for your upvote and Appreciation.

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3 months ago

Covid sucks the world, I don't know if this is conspiracy or it really came from Bats, it's just amazing that the China already recovering well when it came from their country and let the rest of the nation suffers.

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3 months ago

These is no research that support this view that COVID came from bats. I have China Research article that It is lab-made virus. God will soon recover all the nations.

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3 months ago