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Pre-New Year Musings.....

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11 months ago

I like to tell myself I'm quite different from others. I like to feel like I do things different and when others are going one way I tend to go the other. Might not be true, but at least it helps me sleep well at night.

But on days like today, you just can't help but do what the rest of the world is doing and reflect on the past year. As the whole world gets ready to move to another phase, you can't help but like the rest of the billions around the planet take a breather and analyse the past year.

It came with its good, it's bad, it's ugly. We saw a whole lot of good ones succumb and return back to Mother Earth. I remember some and it still hurts even as I write this. The world took a hit, one that has gone into the records of history, decades from now they'll still talk of the cursed year 2020.

But still we're standing, still in normal characteristic human fashion we're hoping for a better tomorrow. We're taking the hand we've been dealt and we have kept pushing and hoping against all we see that shit gets better.

Never let that hope falter my friends, no one knows what next year holds but we have no choice but to keep moving. Strive to do those things you're scared for the most, they'll bring you the most satisfaction conquering them.

Keep pushing my friends, keep winning. May the Sun brighten your way, may the Moon lighten your night, May the Stars lead you to goodness and may your bask in plenty this New Year.

Happy New Year in advance my friends, from my corner of the universe.

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Happy New Year Don!

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11 months ago

A big Happy New Year to you too man. I hope we do big things together this year

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11 months ago

I also hope so. Soon we'll know the results of Project Catalyst (Cardano) I'll keep you informed

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11 months ago