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Book Review 2: The Richest Man in Babylon

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2 months ago

I started this last week and this is the second in this series, I hope I can do it 2 times a week as I plan to, and hopefully as time goes by we'll see more people join in and we all learn from each other's learning and reading. Right, with that out of the way straight into the review.

I am proud of myself to have read as many books as I have in my short life time, but not many will stick to my memory and subconscious the way this book The Richest Man in Babylon will. It was heavily recommended by a lot of men I look up to and learn from, and after I finished reading it I knew I had to spread the gospel. Recommended it to my younger brother and he also got a lot of life lessons from there.

The book tells of the secrets to wealth, secrets that were practised by men of old. Men in that once great and wealthiest city in the world, Babylon. Very surprising also is the fact that the steps laid down by these men, steps that worked for them and brought them great wealth, those steps are still in play till this day. They still work ever so effectively even though times have changed and the world is way different from theirs.

Different men, with different stories, and with different experiences all followed these steps and it got them what they wanted. It's a classic, it's one of the greatest books on finances that have ever been written, it's a book worthy of all the hype it has received.

It's a book I would never get tired of reading. I read it sometime early this year and I plan to revisit it again and read it again January of next year, if we're still here. It's one I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to do big things in this money-controlled world of ours. Definitely a good read anyday, and not a voluminous book. You could definitely be done with it in 5 hours tops. Keep reading my friends.

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Good! I also have this book in my library

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2 months ago