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2 months ago

A Poem of Inspiration

By Dolores

When you're feeling down and the world may seem upside-down

It may keep on spinning in your head around,

But, please do not let yourself frown

Instead, just relax and stay calm.

I'm telling you, life is not a piece of cake

Don't get affected by others that are guaranteed fake

Don't worry, it is okay to make a mistake

Just learn from it before it's too late.

You may face a lot of ups and downs in life

Don't get sad about it nor strife

Don't end it by using a knife

Instead, have faith and treasure the most precious gift - our life.

Know that you may first fail before you may succeed

You may cry before getting what you need

You may get tired but don't concede

Believe in your dreams and always do a good deed.

It is not just a poem of inspiration

It is also a poem that gives motivation

Make your dream come true, not just an imagination

Work hard and take it with appreciation.

I made this post with the hope of being recognized again. I get spammed for a few months now I think, but I am still hoping that one day, it will be lifted out. I am very sorry to whatever I failed to follow. But if it will still remain like this, I may not leave this platform because it is the first one that does not only reward my hard work here, it also helped me to learn all the thing I have grasped about BCH. The monetary value I have received were just bonus. The learnings I got and the people I met here, with all the experiences were priceless. For as long as I have access with my account, I will still be a member of this site. I will still post some as time goes on.

Honestly, I still keep some of my earnings in this account with the hope that the value will get up soon. I tried to make a new account pero iba pa rin 'yung original. I am still thankful because at least I am still earning here through my referrals such as ate @bmjc98 (I am really thankful). Somehow, it ease the feeling of regret. Anyways, I do have an account in, and I am more active there. If you wish to visit me there, just go here: Dolores

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Written by   357
2 months ago
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Wow. Another motivational and inspirational poem from you. Keep it up and Keep going! :)

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2 months ago

Nung na upvote ako kay sir Marc, na isip agad kita. :) Feeling ko, okay na ata account mo.. Nakita ko to sa notification e.. comment ka nga kung spam pa ba.

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2 months ago

Sana po talaga. Pero kung hindi pa, maghihintay pa rin. Spam pa in :(

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2 months ago