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Not a Love Story

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5 months ago
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Not all written stories need to have a happy beginning and will finish with a happy ending. Some start and end in the opposite. Unluckily, this one belongs to it. Ready your handkerchiefs, you have been warned.

The sky was getting dark, yet here I am walking alone on the road. I can't still believe what had happened a while ago. I can't conceal anymore this feeling that any second may burst out.

As the rain fell to the ground, my tears flowed down through my cheeks. I promised before that I will not cry from the same man ever again, but here I am crying as my knees are shaking. It seems that destiny is really playing tricks on me.

I cried out loud as if there's no tomorrow. I gave him a chance, but he didn't treasure it. He doesn't prove his worth to me. He is just really playing my feelings. I should not be like this if only I have opened my eyes from reality from the start.

I continue crying as I walk alone on the cold road. I don't care anymore where will my feet bring me. I must still be thankful because at least, the rain is covering the truth that I am crying.

I am about to cross the road when a bright gleaming light strikes my eyes. I can hear a loud buzzing sound from everywhere, but I already stop. I just waited to what will happen next.

This incident should not have happened. If only Jake said his true feelings earlier, this incident would not occur.

Rachel had given him a chance, but he did not treasure it. No, he did treasure it, but he just faked his feelings because he doesn't want her to get hurt. But, it seems like Rachel still faced the same fate. The only difference is that she was gone first.

Jake's tears were continuously flowing down his cheeks as his heart keeps on beating fast. There's a pain in his heart, and then it goes up to his brain. A moment after, he lost his consciousness.

He wakes up to the sound of a hospital apparatus. He noticed that he was inside the operating room. He heard one of the doctors.

"The patient is awake."

From that moment, he knew that he was not in good condition. He can't stop himself from crying again. The doctors are doing their best for him to keep calm, but his emotions are intense.

He can't still believe what had happened. He blames himself because of it. The doctors are now panicking because his blood pressure is abnormally increasing. The doctors haven't removed the tumor yet in his brain. Few moments passed, there they saw a flat line on the machine. They did their best to make him alive even if it is almost impossible. Then, his heartbeats come back. The doctors were happy. They continue to remove the tumor, and after a few moments, they confirmed that the operation was successful.

But, Jake is still in comatose. The doctor spoke to his family and said that they had removed the tumor, but Jake is in a coma. The doctors said that they couldn't guarantee when will he awake. They cried all night, and they did not stop praying.

The next day, Jake is still sleeping. The family of Rachel heard what happened to him. Some of them say that he deserved what happened to him because they blame him for the death of Rachel.

Little did they know, Jake only did what he thinks is right because he knew that he would soon die due to his condition. He doesn't want Rachel to suffer and get depressed. That is why he decided to fake his feelings that he no longer loves her when he loves her so much.

The day he decided to do it, he didn't eat nor sleep. He is just inside his room while looking at somewhere. He is thinking of something that only he can tell it.

As soon as the family knew the real story, they feel sorry. But it already happened. Maybe, it is their destiny.

Days and weeks have passed, but he was still unconscious. The bill in the hospital is getting bigger. Jake's family needs to make a decision now. They don't want to give up on him, but if he stays in the hospital, they might not be able to pay the incurred expenses. It's hard, but they made the decision they thought is the best for Jake. The hospital staff removed the apparatuses that keep him alive. They did not stop crying. After a few moments, Jake died. They look to his face. There's a sign of dried tears in his eyes, and his lips formed a bit of smile. They thought Jake is happy now wherever he is.

At his funeral, Rachel's family managed to visit him. They felt sorry for what had happened. They never thought that it would happen to them.

Then they saw two birds. They thought they are Jake and Rachel. Every one of them cried harder, but at the same time, they feel a bit of happiness because it may be a chance that the two lovers met again. They met again on the other side of life.

Jake and Rachel were once a sweet couple, but a big challenge came along their way. They didn't expect it, but their love story ended unexpectedly.

*All the photos are taken from Pixabay. Credits belong to the respective owners.

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Written by   357
5 months ago
Topics: Story, 2020, Bitcoin
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