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How to Insert Tables in MS Word?

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Here we are again for a new article about Microsoft Word. In this article, we will talk about inserting tables. If you are interested, seat back and relax.

Using regular text to compose your documents is fine in most cases. But for something

that requires more organization, you might want to try a table. This will let you enter your text

in columns and rows, instead of lines or paragraphs.

To create a new table:

1. Go to Insert and choose Table.

2. Mouse over the grid to select the number of cells you want.

3. Now click insert a table and the table appears in your document, where you can start entering your information.

If you already have some of your information listed, don't worry—you don't have to start from scratch.

1. Start by selecting your text.

2. Then go to back to the Insert tab and click Table.

3. Now click Convert Text to Table and choose one of the options for separating your text.

4. When you're ready, click OK, and the text will appear in a table.

To enter information, just click the cell you want. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate.

To insert a column or a row:

1. Hover outside the table over one of the cell dividers.

2. Notice the plus sign that appears? All you have to do is click, and Word will add a column or row in that location.

Deleting columns and rows

1. First, select a cell in the range you want to delete.

2. Then right-click, and choose Delete Cells from the menu.

3. Then click OK.

To give it some color, you'll find everything you need on the Design tab or the Layout tab, which appear anytime you have your cursor in your table.

Under Design, you'll find a wide range of Table Styles to choose from, which you can mouse over for a preview.

For the full list, click the drop-down arrow in the corner. Once you've chosen a style, you can customize the way it's laid out using the Table Style Options. These will all have a different effect depending on the Table Style you've chosen, so you might need to experiment to get the look you want.

To add or change the border:

1. Just select the cells you want to modify.

2. Then look to the Borders group. Here, you can select a line style, like line weight, and also a color for your border.

3. When you're ready, click the drop-down arrow under the Borders command.

4. Then choose where you want the border to go.

You can make further modifications to things like the size and layout of your table.

1. Go to the Layout tab.

2. To make the table a little bigger overall, place the cursor in the bottom row, and then dragging the border to the size you want.

3. When you're ready, click the Distribute Rows command.

4. Then, the rows will re-adjust, so they're all the same size again.

If you want to change the text alignment, select the entire table, and then change it using the options in the Alignment group.

To combine these two cells into one, also known as merging (this option is useful if your table has data that spans several different columns or rows).

1. Make sure your cells are selected.

2. Then click the Merge Cells command on the Layout tab. The Layout tab gives you many ways to customize your table, so it works for you and the information you want to display.

What can you say about this topic? If you enjoyed this article, show your support in the comment box. I will make related article soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Very helpful for first timer in MS Word. I don't know if I can still do this, I mean in the fast year ms word has a lot of upgrade right?

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Thank you so much for this wonderful item.

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