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5 months ago

While others have been able to make the most of their hobbies and made them as a source of income, there are many of us who are just contented with the joy and satisfaction we get from doing them. 

But, in the first place, what do we mean by hobby?

Hobby is defined as, you know, those fun activities we personally love to do to excuse ourselves from the stresses of life. Hobbies make us feel satisfied and happy, even when we are going through some challenging phase in our lives.

Travelling probably is one of the most exciting and enjoyable hobbies, would you agree?

Listening to music has always been one of my favorite hobbies. The love I feel for it can be traced back to when I was still a child. I would either turn on the radio and listen to some sorts of music from my favorite radio station - Core FM, or stream music in Youtube. Sometimes, I also dance with the music, most especially, if the music being played is trending on Tiktok.

On the other hand, calm and inspiring music such as those pieces of music from Ben n Ben, gives me the needed refuge whenever I feel like my head is spinning around and I just want to calm myself. It is known that music has different kinds, and I am thankful because I can listen to pieces of music inclined with my current feelings. They keep me inspired and motivated during those moments I needed to prepare for something.

It can also be incorporated with other hobbies, and I like their tandem with writing. When I write down my thoughts, I usually play music to help me get inspired and help me get more ideas. Human brain is a universe of thoughts, and it is very effective to play music when writing down what's inside my mind.

Other users also expressed their thoughts about their hobbies from my previous article which can be found here: Hobbies.

  • By bmjc98

What is my favorite hobby? This question seems pretty simple, but now, I don't know what to say. LOL. Okay, I'll stop thinking too much and just follow what my heart tells me. To be honest, I don't have much hobbies at all. I spend most of my time working at night until morning, and then sleep during the entire day time. But whenever I get the chance to have my "me time", I'd usually spend it with my nieces and nephews. I love spending time with the kiddos, Netflix mode with them, or cook something for them. I also spend my quality time with my furry babies and do my job as their mama. :) So basically, the only hobby, which is my favorite of all, is being able to spend a quality time with the VIPs of my life. Oh, wait! Writing is my hobby too. Although I'm not really good at this at all, I just love writing because it helps me release all my negative vibes. HEHEHE. That's all.

  • By charmingcherry08

Hobby? I know we have a lot of it. Like dancing, singing, playing basketball, reading, etc. It depends on the person. Me, I like reading, watching series or documentaries, writing, and taking pictures of my self. I don't think I have my favorite one, but I'll still try to choose. I think my favorite is watching documentaries. Since I am always curious at everything, I love watching documentaries. I watch crime-related, true to life, survival, and sometimes science-related documentaries. It depends on my mood too.

  • By Mr.Trenzs

Hobby is a favorite activity of a person which he likes to do in his spare time. It is not a profession. It doesn’t give people another meaning. It's a pleasure for someone gives and eliminates the monotony work. My favorite hobby is reading books. I read books whenever I have time. Lately my book reading has increased due to lockdown. I like reading books because books are man's best friend. Books help me gain knowledge. It takes away my monotony. Changes my outlooks .I like to read different types of books like: short stories, novels, detective stories, comic books,Inspirational books, life stories, etc. I give at least two hours every day to fulfill all my needs. It gives me a lot of joy. So everyone should choose the kind of hobby that gives him pleasure.

With all these things, we really have various favorite hobbies. Probably, they were frequently done in this time of pandemic, where many of us, are just staying inside our house to get rid by the virus. Anyways, whatever it is, it is the happiness that we feel that matters while doing our hobbies.

Sometimes, it is not bad if you spend money by doing the hobbies you love. We all need to enjoy and live our lives to the fullest.

As long as it is your passion, keep it burning. Let it bloom. Always be passionate with what you are doing!

How about you? Yes, you, who is reading it. What are your favorite hobbies?


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Written by   358
5 months ago
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