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Bring it Back

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6 months ago

The sun rises with a great smile on its face. It brightens up again the beauty of nature that nothing can compensate. The birds continuously singing and the wind is calmly passing by. It is such a wonderful paradise filled with nothing but goodness.

This scenario always come to my mind. Each time I dream or think of it, I always smile. Unlike in reality, I can see how beautiful the world is without crimes and badness.

A once beautiful world, which has been touched by the cruel hands of humans, becomes duller; scars are everywhere.

Yes, there are many beautiful places on earth but some of the places now are not as good and as beautiful as before. Some people continue to hurt the feelings of mother nature through several activities such as deforestation, kaingin and many more activities that can ruin the beauty of the place we are living in.

I hate to say this but, some people are ignorant. They don't see the true value of the nature. They cut trees without thinking twice and this is something unacceptable most especially when they don't plant new trees.

Mother nature needs our help. Let us heal her wounds by planting trees, doing good things to the environment, and making the world go green. Our own little ways, if put together, will create a big change - a change for the betterment of ourselves and a change for bringing back what has been damaged.

Each help, whether small or big, can still help. It does not change the fact that the quality of it will remain the same.

Imagine this:

  • There are no pollution. The air is fresh to breathe in. The water on the oceans and rivers were as clear as crystal. The world will be greener, and the people will be happier.

  • Natural tourists spots are becoming more wonderful. Number of tourists who appreciate the beauty, increases continuously.

  • And many more good things.

Isn't it good? The better the place, the better the enjoyment. You should not only contribute help just because you are forced to, contribute help, no matter what is the quantity of it, with all your heart.

With all these things, we will be able to see a very beautiful world again. A place which looks like a paradise. A place where there are no wars, nor hatred.

How I wish the old pictures to come back. The old pictures that keep on appearing in mind. The old pictures that show how good to live in a paradise.

Nature is truly a place where we can go and forget about our everyday life, a place where there is no responsibility weighing down our shoulders.

As the sun sets on the horizon, the moon will shine brighter together with the stars who aligned themselves to witness, and also to give light in the world at night.

What do you think? What are the ways you do for the betterment of the world? Sharing thoughts is caring!

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Written by   358
6 months ago
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Nature gives us a lot, a healthy life, healthy food, healthy air ... But the human factor is what destroys all of the above, and for what? Because of negligence, rudeness, because of not thinking about the future what life will look like in a few years when everything natural that exists is polluted ...

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6 months ago