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Eat moderately and keep your weight under control!

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4 months ago
Topics: Health

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.And this problem has become bigger because of our lack of knowledge about nutrition.Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.If we are busy curing the disease without knowing the real cause of the disease, then it will not be of any use. Here today I will talk about the causes of weight gain and how to lose weight according to medical science.

There is an equation to keep the weight normal calories in = calories out.

The amount of food we eat every day stores calories in our body and all the activities we do every day like walking, sitting and breathing consume those stored calories oil like car and our calories.

This time, if we continue to consume more calories than we need, then the extra calories in that field will be absorbed by our body as Fat and as a result we will continue to gain weight.

Similarly, if we continue to take less calories, then we continue to lose weight Over weight is not as good as under weight is not good This creates various problems in the body In other words, the real game for maintaining the right weight is to keep it equal to Calories in = Calories out.

We often think that running and exercising on the field will help us lose weight, which is a misconception. Weight is 90% dependent on what you eat each day and 10% on your mother.

Now let's talk about some tips that can be easily followed to keep the calories equation correct

1: - Eat slowly

The main reason for high calorie storage is overeating.And the main reason for eating more is to eat early.The signal that the stomach is full takes time to reach the brain from the stomach 20 minutes after we start eating. But most of the time we finish all the food on our plate in 5 minutes.As a result of overeating, we may not realize it and unknowingly store more calories than we need.

There are also many other benefits to eating slowly

2: - Use smaller plates

According to research by the Journal of the Association of Consumers, reducing the diameter of the plate by 30% reduces the consumption by 30%. However, there are two conditions in this case

#. You have to serve your own food

#. Don't keep in mind that how much you are eating is being monitored by someone else or I will monitor it myself.

A very simple method Using it, we can save 30% less calories without our knowledge And you can see how effective it is by searching on the net

3: - Cardio in empty stomach

Many people are looking for the best exercise to lose weight. Although 10% of mothers depend on exercise to lose weight However, if you want to know what is the best exercise to reduce fat, then it is cardio exercise on an empty stomach in the morning.

Cardio exercises are those that increase our heart rate, such as running, swimming, skipping and having sex.If you are married, you can choose between the last hour and if you are not married, you can choose any one except the last hour.

Now the question is why cardio best in the field of fat lose? After 7-8 hours of sleep at night, if you start a cardio exercise when your stomach is completely empty after waking up in the morning, then your body needs a lot of energy later, and since the stomach is empty, the target is pre-stored fat.

During this time the body breaks down fat and provides the necessary energy which leads to direct fat loss.So do cardio exercise on an empty stomach than other exercises on an empty stomach.

4: - Say no to water between meals

One of our harmful habits is to drink water while eating.The digestive juices that are secreted inside our stomach for digestion of food,when we drink water while eating, the water mixes with those digestive juices and reduces their concentration so that the food is absorbed in the body without being properly digested.

As a result, the amount of insulin in the blood increases and the more insulin, the more fat. And this thing increases the rate of fat storing in the body and at the same time invites various diseases in the body.

Researchers say to drink water as needed 30 minutes before eating and 1 hour after eating We need to use very little salt and sugar in our food so that we do not get thirsty. Salt and sugar are the two main sources of weight gain

5: - Never stay hungry

Listening to the previous methods, many people may have this misconception that I am saying to eat very little.The main purpose is not to eat less, the main purpose is not to eat more. And the desire to eat more is very low when we are not hungry

When we are hungry we start eating Emotional which causes us to eat a lot of food.At that time this slow eating, use smaller plates.

For this reason, one should never be hungry.Doctors recommend eating something every 3 hours.The most important thing is to make breakfast the best and healthiest so that you don't feel hungry all day long.

As long as you have to eat less than breakfast for lunch and absolutely less for dinner And you have to eat something every 3 hours.

Protein foods such as meat, eggs, milk and sugars and fatty foods such as rice and sweets should be eaten sparingly. Because in order to stay healthy, we need to not only reduce body fat, but we also need to increase our muscle percentage and it will increase from protein foods.

After all, once you know the basics,

1- To maintain proper weight, try to keep the body in balance with Calories in, Calories out.

2: - Always practice eating slowly.

3: - Use small plates for eating.

4: - Do any cardio exercise on an empty stomach in the morning.

5: - Drink water 30 minutes before or 1 hour after eating.

6 :- Try to give at least something in the mouth every 3 hours.

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Written by   2
4 months ago
Topics: Health
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The main reason for high calorie storage is overeating.And the main reason for eating more is to eat early u are right great article carry on

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4 months ago

Yes , we should change our food habits.

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4 months ago