We Are Living Just To Die And we Are dying Just To Live

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2 years ago

Hello guys how are we all doing, its been a great weekend for me and am happy about that coz all jobs have been delivered ..

You'd understand what I mean if you have seen my previous posts, am gonna make this article a short one so stay tuned..

I know most of us might be wondering and thinking about the tittle.. Well I heard that word from my favorite artist ( phora)..

Phora sinner

You'd hear that part at exactly 3:25 sec

That part got my attention and I have explained it to a lot Of people in different ways but still I kept searching for a better and a simpler explanation to that lines...

While I was doing environmental sanitation this morning our neighbor came in and she asked if we saw her Ducks, I said yes and suddenly I remembered something she said last month, she said she won't kill them now coz she is the only one at home so she is waiting for her kids and their father to come back from their trip...

She don't want to eat it alone so she was waiting for her family, after remembering what she said the next thing that came to my mind was " the ducks are living just to die and they are dying just to live "....

That's the perfect explanation right? And the sad part is the animals don't actually know their death is near...

I kinda feel for them and most times I just feel like turning into a vegan lol...

I guess that would be all of it thanks for reading

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2 years ago


muchas veces dan ganas de convertirse en vegano pero es algo difĂ­cil con tantos productos que nos ofrecen en el mercado

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2 years ago

As pet lover it was too frightening to have a pet knowing that animals are always chasing by their death since their lifespan are much shorter than ours

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2 years ago