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Interesting facts about horses that you certainly didn't know

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Beauty, strength, poetics, irresistibility, passion, speed, indomitability, temperament and ardor - all these qualities can be attributed to only one animal - a horse. Until we see them all free again, out of the reach of a human corrupt hand, we can learn together some facts that adorn them.

Horses can sleep in 2 ways - lying down and standing.

The horse's brain is the size of a potato, and its weight is twice less than a human's.

Horses live for about 20 years, and sometimes over 30. Legend has it that the oldest horse in the world lived for 62 years.

James Scott first coined the term horsepower, defining engine power.

Horses do not breathe through their mouths, therefore, and also, they do not burp or vomit.

Drawings of horses, drawn on caves, are about 17,000 years old.

The horse drinks up to 38 liters of water daily.

No two horses are the same. At the moment, there are as many as 75 million of them in the world.

With the help of wagging their tails, horses express how they feel.

Throughout history, horses have been known as both domestic and wild animals. It is believed that the first horses were domesticated thousands of years before the new era, and they were used for riding, towing and work.

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Written by   108
6 months ago
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