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What makes me happy? Hmmmm! This is seemingly a simple but tricky question. I mean what actually is happiness? Is it a feeling or an emotion? Well to me, happiness is a way of life which culminates in peace of mind.

Basically there are some things to hat would contribute to my happiness, but the ultimate source of my happiness is God. The thought of his love that is unconditional and irreversible, and the hope that he's always there with me is my ultimate source of happiness and peace of mind.

That doesn't mean that there are no tangibles that contribute to my happiness. Just like every other person, I have things that brings joy and and comfort to my spirit. The first one is an obvious one though:


There's nothing as comforting as the thought and realization that my family is doing well and thriving. I love my family, I believe in them and they're my immediate backbone in all situations. So whenever they thrive, I know, I thrive. Whenever they're happy, that means I'm happy. My family though is not limited to my biologically related family, but my friends and acquaintances as well.

There's a popular saying we usually say with my friends that "if na only one of us buy this car, how will we be able to have our convoy". It's been a mantra for us, and that means that if I see an opportunity, I have to put him or her on. At the end of the day, if he succeeds and is happy, that happiness filters in the group and becomes our happiness.


I guess this one is even more obvious than the first one. After God in this world is money. Money oils your essence and opens up doors that otherwise looked impossible. I don't think there's anyone that doesn't get happy when he or she has money. The confidence money gives is immeasurable, the simple thought that you can afford your needs and wants brings peace and calm to the mind.

I hear people say that happiness cannot be bought. That's a fat lie. When you can afford things that makes you happy like that shopping trip to Dubai, or that vacation to the Maldives or that your dream house in banana Island, and your happy about it, that's money buying you happiness. Just like the singer said, I'd rather be crying in a Benz than on a bicycle or by the road side.


Yes love makes me happy. And no I'm not talking about the love of God, that one is never optional, that's my number one. This one is the love that feeds you with sweet nothings in the morning and before you go to bed at night. I guess this made it to my list because I've had one of the best kind of love anyone could ever wish for.

The thought and confidence of knowing that someone who's not necessarily family deeply and truly cares about you is one of best feelings in the world. It soothes the spirit and uplifts the soul. Infact it can make my skin glow. But the problem is that these are or easily found these days as there's so much fake and pretence on the street these days. And then I've not had in this in a long while, and it's God's love that has been serenading me and keeping me happy.

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So that's it for day two, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Do well to engage in the comments and votes section. See you tomorrow in the next article.

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Wow!!, I'll love to jump on this 30days writing challenge. Lol, money really does make everyone happy, I can't even start denying that fact.

After God, family and money. After money I can now add: writing.

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1 year ago

I'd love to read your own version. My dear money is the god of this world. If you no get money, hide your face

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