The myths of entrepreneurship.

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The human being is cyclical, both individually and collectively. So many things that seem new or novel to us have already been experienced in certain ways in the past.

The human being is also an entrepreneur by nature, using the word "entrepreneur" in its most complete and comprehensive sense. For example, entrepreneurs were human beings who undertook long journeys to reach new lands, those who learned to use some technologies and of course there have also been entrepreneurial traders since ancient times.

The truth is that with the feudalism and slavery that this implied, there was an abandonment of individual entrepreneurial activity since only kings and other feudal lords were served. Later, with the end of these systems, the masses needed a system that could supply themselves to satisfy the great needs, and yes, the industrial revolution and the creation of large factories brought what was probably needed at that time.

I think that everything is necessary at a given moment, the industrial revolution was a point in history, but it is not the last of the collective evolution of the human being. It was simply needed and it fulfilled its function and in fact today in some parts of the world large factories are still needed since we are in a time of transition and not in a well-defined time.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages since the need for large factories also turned education into almost only an instrument to create workers, who will adapt well to work, but lacking knowledge of their potential.

Then, with the development that part of this system has brought, we have seen the conditions for more people to work on their own and become entrepreneurs and businessmen, but education has not changed. We have then observed the birth of a great literature on entrepreneurship, personal development, personal finance, etc. And although this was also necessary to awaken many people to their true potential, it is also true that some small mistakes have been made that we still have time to correct in order to be able to make an integration and not touch perhaps not very healthy extremes.

I am an entrepreneur in many areas and I have been a reader of this type of work that I indicate and I am very grateful for it, today however I want to point out some points that I have been learning little by little on my path as an entrepreneur:

1. "Entrepreneurs start from scratch":

Although in many works there is reference to leveraging the tools that one has, it is also true that an excessive cult is paid to achieve everything by oneself, which in many cases is unfeasible and generates a lot of stress.

I personally have had many family problems, but I understand that wealth is something that is generated intergenerationally so I am learning to receive more from my family, but trying to maintain a balance and pay attention to family healing.

2. "Time is money":

It is a very American expression, present in the great works they have on entrepreneurship. And although time passes and one must try to do their own thing, it is also true that one has to have time for oneself, rest, travel, play and not see everything in economic terms.

My personal situation (Conclusion).

I think that when I started in entrepreneurship I had a more selfish vision of things and of money itself. And it is that although many times I thought that I was working in my businesses for my family or for my partner at that time, I think that in general I did not have such a global vision of money and of all the good that can be done with a business.

Currently I am trying to integrate that version of me that started in entrepreneurship with a version a little more conscious for some things. For example, I try to give a lot of importance to spirituality, to listen to myself, that my ideas and ventures do the best possible good, to take care of nature, in order not to make money just for money.

So the entrepreneurship literature was necessary for many of us to wake up, but we have to be careful not to fall into absolutism and to connect with ourselves in a deep way so as not to do things only in an automated way.

The individual and collective response is always in us.

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