The central midfielder.

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Often fans (and some not so fans) tend to think that soccer is a sport that is played mainly and almost exclusively with the feet. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

And although soccer is a very physical sport with a lot of contact, it is also true that it is a strategy game in which tactical situations are just as important as athletic abilities.

And this is where the "core column" of the team is so important, since it is the area that offers security and stability to the game and within that core we have the figure of the central midfielder.

The central midfielder.

The central midfielder is an intelligent player, quick on his feet, but above all quick to think.

He keeps tidy and gives order to his teammates, he is a reference to go out playing and to look for safe passes.

He often has good individual technique, perhaps not at dribbling at speed, but at turning on himself and kicking off the game.

He is a good fixed tactics kicker and has a good last pass.

There are several types, some more creative and some more defensive, but all very complete and intelligent.

Sometimes the central midfielder has to go at a different pace than his teammates, both up and down. It happens that sometimes the team is in a hurry and is playing very fast, so the central midfielder has to put the pause and the foundations so that the advance is more sustainable.

This is not popular sometimes, especially for someone watching from the outside, but it is necessary. Without a reading of the times the equipment could have only accelerator and no brake or vice versa.

Be a central midfielder in society.

And yes, sometimes someone has to play that role of balance, of laying the foundations, of being at times a little unpopular, but always thinking about what is best for oneself, for the team and for the times. And this is true in the social, in the economy, in crypto assets, in political opinions, etc.

So if you are a central midfielder don't be afraid to try to understand the times, the development of the game could prove you right at some point.

And if you are not a central midfielder, but you are for example a defender or a forward then that is fine, but try to understand your role in the game and the role of others in the game.

Don't forget, reading the times makes football be football and not just athletics. The answer will always be in us.

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