My strategy with crypto assets.

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2 years ago

It is easy for people who have read me a little to see that I have a kind of ambivalent feelings and thoughts about the digital economy.

On the one hand I see that as digital assets we are presented with great investment options that could help many people to capitalize, but on the other hand I see that before the imminent arrival of the governments to the party, we could lose many freedoms and privacy in our purchases and transactions, just the opposite of what you want to achieve.

However, I do not stop seeing an opportunity in this and that is why in this article I do a small analysis of how I am going to work in the different opportunities to earn crypto assets. This article will help me a lot to have an order and a strategy.

So here we go:

1. Mining:

It is not something that initially catches my attention as it takes a fairly large investment and the rewards tend to be low. I think that I would only enter this option if, due to some other project, I had idle equipment that I could take advantage of and I would also look for some way to make it more environmentally friendly.

2. Staking and decentralized finance:

This option does attract my attention because of the potential it could have. Especially in decentralized projects that for now are giving high interest and returns. I think at some point I will make some trial investments.

3. Trading:

It's not my favorite activity, but I'm talented and it could help me capitalize. I definitely take this option into account and I already have some experience.

4. Hold of any crypto asset:

Also to take into account. We would all like to discover the next great gem on the market and I have a few favorites. The strategy here is so simple that it may seem funny, but I hope to do a good analysis and leave my investment behind for a long time. With a little fortune and market support, you may be able to make some interesting profit.

And now my favorite:

5. Writing and social networks:

Writing and participating in decentralized social networks is my favorite activity when it comes to crypto assets. To begin with because I like to read and write, I also like to participate in social networks and interact, so I think that this option of earning and accumulating crypto assets is the one that I enjoy the most and that suits me best. I hope to gain more in this part.

And finally:

6. Other options:

Here I include ICO's, NFT's and other options that are not the focus of my strategy, but that at some point I could use if I find a project that resonates with me.

I am also an entrepreneur and perhaps in the medium term I will get involved in developing my own ideas and platforms, taking advantage of the technology and the communities that I can build.

We'll see what happens, but always writing helps to have ideas a little clearer.

Thanks so much for reading.

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2 years ago