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We are all millionaires, only sometimes we do not realize it. We have health or we have had it, we have food, we have access to knowledge, we have loved ones, etc. There are so many reasons for being and feeling millionaires that sometimes we do not realize how privileged we are and we pass everything through the eye of money and the material goods that we have.

And that happens to all of us, I include myself. Now I try to be more grateful with what I already have and try to go at my own pace, however it is not about demonizing money or material possessions, since these well managed and built on more solid foundations can also help us to live our lives. missions and our dreams.

So this is a visualization exercise, of what I would do at the time of having a hypothetical million dollars. What would I do? What would change in me?

Here is my reflection:

1. My houses:

I would have at least two big and comfortable houses to be at ease and in cities to my liking, probably one in Antigua Guatemala and a more rural one somewhere like Santa Cruz del Quiché.

Antigua Guatemala.

2. Savings:

They say that it is only necessary to become a millionaire once, and it is that many people who become millionaires end up returning to the starting point. It is not that it is bad, but it is not the most appropriate either, so I would allocate an important part to a 'safe' savings in a good bank that gives me calm returns and that helps me finance more experiences and things.

3. Investment:

I would dedicate more resources to my digital projects and I would also have some more traditional physical businesses such as a vegetarian restaurant and a line of taxis or transport.

4. Hobbies and mission:

I think this is the most attractive and fun part, and it is that for me it is very important to live, be happy, play, travel and dedicate myself to everything that really makes me smile. So I would dedicate myself to just that: to play soccer, to travel, to know beautiful places, especially in Guatemala and Central America and I would live many experiences.

On the side of my mission, it is very important for me to take care of nature, which is why I would visit many natural places, I would try to support green projects and ultimately I would try to carry out my mission with more tools.


I think visualizing is very important as it helps us to be prepared for when our scenarios present themselves and it also helps us move towards those scenarios.

Of course I am aware that to carry out the projects and hobbies that I wrote it is not necessary to have so much money and that I can find the ways and mechanisms to carry out all these dreams, but it is true that having already a secure economic base is a little easier to keep doing everything you need.

In addition, I would not stop working since the work gives a purpose and occupation, so I would also work on other projects and sometimes volunteer.

Will that million get to me? How will it arrive? Will it be holding a cryptocurrency? Will it be through a publication on a decentralized network? I do not know, but the important thing is to work and move forward for when that opportunity arises and if not then it is also for something, but for my part I believe that I am in a moment in which I am healing and I am open to receive abundance and prosperity .

Time will give the answers.

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